With exceptional line array performance guaranteed by the acoustic design itself, scalable resolution unlocks the full potential of a Wavefront Precision array and provides an adaptable pathway into the world of advanced optimisation.

The greater the resolution of the array in terms of individually driven enclosures, the more precisely DISPLAY can fine-tune audience coverage and hold the frequency response and SPL’s throughout the venue within a tight window specified by the user.

For the first time in the marketplace the decision on the level of resolution and control that is right for the install, client, event or budget is yours.

With scalable resolution, the commercial advantages are clear:

  • Design systems to better suit project budget targets.
  • Ability to increase resolution over time by buying more amps at later stage.
  • Dynamic deployment within a venue or site where the main PA could be driven by enclosures with more dedicated amp channels than may be necessary for delays.
  • Adaptable rental pricing based on event dynamics and clients’ resources.

Wavefront Precision: Scalable resolution – the choice is yours