Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with dedicated, high-performance iKON multi-channel Class D amplifiers.

Both the iK42 4-channel amplifier and iK81 8-channel amplifier are capable of very high power outputs and feature high-speed Ethernet communication for system control and monitoring via VU-NET, plus Dante™ digital audio networking. With the option to transmit digital audio over a single CAT5 cable, quality is maintained over long cable runs and integration with other devices in the sound system is straightforward.

Because the amplifiers are external to the loudspeaker enclosures, the resolution of the array can be increased as required by simply adding more amplifier channels to drive more array enclosures independently — increasing

the level of control available to DISPLAY to fine-tune coverage and reduce room influence. External amplifiers also facilitate ease-of-servicing in fixed installations.

The complete system approach not only guarantees that Wavefront Precision arrays perform repeatedly and effortlessly to their design maximum, but also that they are compatible worldwide.

Both the iK42 and iK81 provide powerful DSP processing of up to 1000 FIR filter taps @ 48kHz on each output channel. This high number of taps is essential to implement DISPLAY’S wide bandwidth optimisation capabilities.