Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology. It is the preferred audio networking solution of the pro-audio industry owing to its outstanding audio quality and interoperability that is easy to install, easy to set up, versatile, scalable and economic.

Each CDD-LIVE! system is Dante enabled. Delivering significant improvements in Audio over IP technology in terms of speed, high channel count and with near-zero latency, Dante networking opens up tremendous opportunities for digital audio distribution and control — from a front-of-house live music system to a large-scale installation with multiple locations and zones. With audio transmitted digitally over a single CAT5 cable, quality is maintained however long the cable run and integration with other devices in the sound system is straightforward.

Setting up a Dante network is simple — even complex networks can be configured easily and quickly, with all devices discovered and displayed in the Dante Controller software. Once set-up, the computer running Dante Controller can be removed from the network if desired, with system settings stored in the devices themselves and automatically restored when a device is power-cycled.

Switching between XLR analogue inputs to Dante on CDD-LIVE! enclosures is automatic if a digital stream is present, unless the user selects the XLR option in VU-NET.