CDD-LIVE! systems are incredibly flexible and complemented by a comprehensive range of mounting accessories.

The CDD-LIVE 8, 12 and 15 can be pole mounted — either directly using their integral pole-mount fittings or with the addition of a universal bracket with a wide range of up and down tilt angles. The up/down tilt angle is easily adjustable and lockable in place. The universal bracket can also be attached to a scaffold clamp for vertical or horizontal suspension from a truss.

Horizontal yokes are available for the CDD-LIVE 12 and 15, while pan and tilt wall brackets for the CDD-LIVE 8 and 12 mount the enclosures as close to the wall as possible. The wall brackets feature a lift-off capability that enables the wall-mounted section to be first-fixed, with the speaker added later.

The SXP118 and SXP218 are fitted with M10 inserts.