Martin Audio engineers have designed and developed the all-new Blackline 3 Series, combining elegant enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology to deliver class-leading performance, fidelity and consistency.

With Blackline 3, the best just got better.

The Blackline 3 Series comprises the FX10, FX12 and FX15 two-way full range Coaxial Differential Dispersion systems, supported by the B218 subwoofer, and complemented by the FH3 high performance, all-horn, three-way system. The Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology employed in the FX10, FX12 and FX15 delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns — projecting more output to the rear of the audience to distribute sound evenly front-to-to-back, while having wide horizontal coverage close-up. Where the ultimate in performance and impact is required, the all-horn FH3 delivers very high SPLs for the most demanding venues.

Visually-appealing industrial design is a dis-tinctive feature of the Blackline 3 Series. The FX10, FX12 and FX15 full-range enclosures can be used in either horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation, with rotation of the coaxial driver easily accomplished by removing the screw-free, protective grille. The curved shape of each full-range enclosure allows it to be bracket-mounted closer to a wall, for more discreet positioning, and integral M8 inserts are provided for eyebolt suspension. The FH3 adopts a horizontal format to facilitate suspension above head height by means of integral M10 inserts.