Traditional Channel based surround audio has drawbacks in that playback occurs only on the same speaker arrangement as during production; it’s not possible to provide a fuller, richer sound if you expand your system, and offers little adjustment by end user.

The SARA II Premium Rendering Engine utilises object based audio which provides full control over position, level, acoustic characteristics and distance to enable a more flexible loudspeaker system to provide sound anywhere within the room in the most realistic and natural way.


The SARA II turns audio inputs (pre-recorded material, audio console, mics) into Audio Objects by adding metadata:

  • Level
  • Spatial position
  • Acoustic characteristics
  • Velocity
  • Distance
  • Point source or Plane wave (=point source at infinity)

Martin Audio Loudspeakers are mapped in the software and each audio source / object can be placed or moved in real time – or via a timecode, cue based or with a tracking system – through the 3D listening space.

The listener hears the objects, not loudspeakers, with interactions between loudspeakers and Doppler effects eliminated via algorithms.

Benefits for the Engineer

  • Less critical speaker layout
  • Quick setup times
  • Exchangeable between venues
  • No audible artefacts
  • No change in workflow
  • Integration with tracking
  • Third party support / OSC

Benefits for the Audience:

  • Immersive Experiences
  • 2D, 3D surround
  • Matches visual and audio experience as one
  • Full stereo image for more of the audience
  • Improved localisation on stage