Coaxial Point Source technology lies at the heart of FlexPoint systems. While the frequency response of non-coaxial systems varies off-axis depending on the listening position, a coaxial system improves summation of the LF and HF sections at the crossover point — resulting in a smoother and more consistent frequency response off-axis.

Additionally, FlexPoint coaxial drivers exhibit exemplary dispersion patterns — achieved by trademark innovative acoustic technology which starts by incorporating a two-stage waveguide within the magnet structure. The first stage of the waveguide blends the circular exit of the HF compression driver into a slot exit. The second stage merges the slot exit into a specially contoured LF cone which determines the overall coverage pattern. This approach yields several important benefits:

  • It achieves constant directivity characteristics in the horizontal plane.
  • It avoids a separate add-on horn which would impede the wavefront from the cone and cause irregularities in the frequency response, both on and off-axis.
  • With the perimeter of the cone acting as the horn mouth, pattern control extends to a lower frequency than would be possible with a smaller add-on horn.
  • While many traditional through-the-pole designs can suffer from high frequency beaming, the FlexPoint two-stage waveguide maintains wide constant horizontal coverage out to very high frequencies.
Coaxial Point Source Innovation