Amplification and control can be done either by using an IK81 or the combination of VIA2004 amplifier and a DX4.0 controller.

The iK81 is an advanced eight-channel amplifier which combines very high power density with superb audio performance. It features onboard IIR and FIR filtering to control the amplitude, phase and EQ of each O-Line module individually, with the filter parameters calculated and uploaded by DISPLAY. The iK81 employs comprehensive protection functions to maintain safe operating conditions of both the amplifier and the O-Line.

The VIA2004 is an advanced 4-channel power amplifier which delivers superb audio performance in a lightweight, cost-effective package. DX4.0 is an advanced loudspeaker controller and system matrix with four input and eight output channels. Class-leading sonic performance is achieved by state-of-the-art audio converters and DSP algorithms, with a 96kHz sampling frequency delivering a nominally flat response beyond 40kHz. It features FIR filtering to support O-Line optimisation.

The level of coverage, consistency and control is further refined by the level of resolution of the array in terms of the number of enclosures to amp channels.

The higher the resolution, so too the improvement in coverage and consistency of frequency response and SPLs throughout the venue within a tight window specified by the user.

In the ultimate one enclosure to one amplifier channel mode [One Box Resolution] it is possible to simultaneously optimise the direct field where sound is required, keep the sound away from reflective surfaces and minimise reverberant sound power to an extent not previously possible from a commercially available system of such high sound quality, small size and aesthetic appeal.

Ethernet is used for system remote control and monitoring via Martin Audio’s VU-NET software application, while a user-friendly front panel interface allows full local control of all features. Dante digital audio network inputs are also provided for digital audio distribution and control.