Each O-Line array is constructed by connecting together multiple array modules.

Up to 24 modules can be connected where both high output and vertical focussing down to low/mid frequencies are required. Smaller numbers of modules (down to 4) can be used for shorter-throw applications, where vertical focussing of the low/ mid frequencies is less important. This scalability means that O-Line can be used in an extremely wide variety of applications – from bars and restaurants to sports venues, churches and railway concourses.

A passive two-way system, each module consists of 2 x 3 ½” (87mm) low/mid radiators either side of a central strip of 5 x 0.55” (14mm) miniature HF devices on a 100° horizontal waveguide. The horizontal constant-directivity characteristics are maintained down through the midband by the very close physical spacing of the low/mid drivers, whose sculpted, stiff and ultra-light cones follow the contours of the waveguide walls – avoiding wall-cavity effects and contributing to the flawless 100° horizontal constant-directivity pattern.

An internal 2.5kHz passive crossover in each module divides the audio input between the LF and HF sections.