Martin Audio THS

The loudspeaker shall be a three-way, triaxial system comprising a reflex-loaded 15” low frequency driver, a 4” ring-radiator midrange compression driver, and a 2.5” ring-radiator high frequency compression driver. The outputs of the mid and high frequency drivers shall be integrated into a 1.4” diameter exit which shall transition through the magnet structure of the low frequency driver into a horizontal constant directivity horn. The horn shall be user-rotatable to enable portrait or landscape deployment of the loudspeaker.

The loudspeaker shall be bi-amplified and operated in conjunction with a dedicated electronic controller or controller amplifier which shall provide a 650Hz crossover between low and mid/high frequency sections. The mid and high frequency devices shall be integrated by an internal 4.8kHz passive crossover network.

The dispersion pattern of the loudspeaker shall be 85° horizontal x 50° vertical. The on-axis frequency response shall be 54Hz-18kHz +/- 3dB. The low and mid/high frequency sections of the loudspeaker shall each produce a maximum SPL of 135dB peak at 1 metre. Power handling shall be 800W AES, 3200W peak (LF) and 110W AES, 440W peak (MF + HF). Rated impedance shall be 8 ohms LF, 8 ohms MF + HF.

The loudspeaker enclosure shall be trapezoidal in shape, constructed from plywood and be finished with a hardwearing textured paint. It shall incorporate two pocket handles and be fitted with threaded inserts to accommodate eyebolt, yoke, pole and truss mounting accessory options. A perforated steel grille with a triple-layer polyester backing shall protect the driver components.

The rear connector panel shall be fitted with two NL4 type connectors.

Dimensions (W x H x D) shall be 457mm x 710mm x 511mm (17.98in x 27.95in x 20.11in). Weight shall be 35.6kg (78.48lbs).

The loudspeaker shall be the Martin Audio THS.