Sonance VX and VXQ feature an all-new grille design with flexibility to upgrade to a variety of aesthetics. The Sonance Micro Trim grille is the standard grille for all VX models. The grille is a new brilliant white with an ultra-sleek bezel around the edge that is 50% slimmer than legacy VP grilles. Optionally, Visual Experience speakers can be finished with a Trimless grille, ordered separately. The completely borderless grille provides a clean and minimalistic finish that sits just proud of the surface. To take it a step further, leverage Sonance TRUFIG Mounting Platform and VX Trimless grille to precisely position and flush mount any Visual Experience speaker.


For a solution that is built-to-order, Sonance VX and VXQ grilles can be custom painted or laser printed through the Sonance grille painting and laser printing service. The full service Sonance | James facility in Minden, NV is equipped to paint VX and VXQ grilles for any specified color for infinite possibilities for matching any project. When the surface includes unique designs and textures, leverage the Sonance laser printed grille service. The Sonance | James facility will take any high res image and laser print VX and VXQ grilles to match surfaces like wallpaper, stone, marble, etc.


Sonance Visual Experience with Quadratech features the same stunning trim aesthetics as VX with the added durability of Sonance Post Capture technology. The strong magnetic post system securely attaches the grille to the VXQ speaker to keep the grille intact for any indoor, outdoor, or marine environment. Like VX, VXQ Post Capture grilles are available as Micro Trim, Trimless, or Trimless flush TRUFIG Mounted. They can also be painted or laser printed by the Sonance | James team.