Sonance’s award-winning Mariner speakers feature an all-weather construction to deliver years of reliable service.  With three sizes and three performance levels, there is a speaker to suit nearly any outdoor or marine applications and the most critical ear. Sonance Mariners deliver pristine sound while remaining unaffected by the elements.


Sonance Mariner speakers are available in a white or black sealed polypropylene enclosure with a matching perforated aluminum grille. The weatherproof construction means they can be hosed down for cleaning to keep them looking like new.


Sonance Mariner speakers feature an innovative front-mounted terminal connection that not only makes wiring easier, it safeguards the speaker terminals against moisture and the elements. Mariner speakers feature an exclusive Fastmount® bracket system, that enables simple push and lock to fasten each speaker into place—no threaded knobs or extra hardware necessary.  Once mounted, the speaker can be easily pivoted to direct the sound where you want it, and they will stay where you position them and not droop or slip over time.