After a 30-year love affair with wine, Mike Trebing’s dream to turn his passion into a business finally came to fruition when he purchased Barnoa Wine Company in 2016. While the previous owners did a good job of establishing Barnoa, Mike had grand plans, and promptly went about upgrading the wine list, the menu, the décor and even the audio system.

Barnoa Wine Company features a bottle shop with wine racks along one wall, two-sided island bar with stool seating, high top and regular height tables and a separate L-shaped lounge area. Outside there is a small patio area to capitalize on the spectacular Southern California climate.


To deliver extremely high quality sound at very consistent volume levels throughout the entire premises, while dealing with a low suspended ceiling, reflective surfaces, various seating locations and several different listener heights.

Low Volt Automation Technologies (LVAT) in Oceanside, California were awarded the project; and they turned to Sonance for their Professional Series range of Commercial Loudspeakers and DSP Amplifiers.


  • Full fidelity performance
  • Consistent volume levels throughout the entire premises
  • Seamless integration of sound between indoor and outdoor
  • Aesthetic that could be hidden in the painted suspended ceiling


“The low suspended ceiling meant that we needed to use many speakers to ensure consistent coverage. Sonance Professional Series 4” in-ceiling speakers not only deliver superior frequency response and dispersion to traditional commercial loudspeakers, the small footprint creates less visual distraction, which is important when installing so many in a space”

 – Shaun Birdsall Owner, LVAT


Professional audio integration is more than merely filling a room with music. It’s a tangible design element and a critical part of the space’s environment that is meant to create a mood, elevate the senses and not distract from the designer’s vision and aesthetic goals. For over 30 years, the architectural speaker pioneers at Sonance have continually explored and refined the fine art of musical fidelity within a designed space, with their series of award-winning in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

“The sound is absolutely perfect, no matter where you are in the premises. There are no loud areas where people are shouting to hear one another and no quiet areas where you can’t hear the music. Everyone is comfortable, everywhere … And that means they are staying longer.”

 – Mike Trebing Owner, Barnoa Wine Company


The Barnoa installation consists of 16 x 4” In-Ceiling speakers spread evenly throughout the room to provide consistent volume levels with no hot spots or dead zones. 4 x 8” in-Ceiling Woofers were installed in the corners to provide additional bass. Optional black square grille adapters were used to allow the speakers to blend aesthetically into the painted roof tiles. 8” Surface Mount Speakers were used on the patio with an IPX4 weatherproof construction that ensures reliability when installed outdoors. The consistent voicing across the Sonance Professional Series range ensures seamless integration of sound when moving from inside to outside.

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