Delivering Unforgettable Audio Experiences

Audio first – for live sound and fixed installation

We start with the audio...

So many say it. We mean it.

At NST Audio, everything we do is based around our core belief that audio quality is first and foremost.

Whether we’re designing solutions for live sound applications or for fixed installation, we take the same uncompromising approach to ensuring the highest standards in digital and analogue audio.
From our first groundbreaking product, the D48, we’ve quickly established ourselves as setting a new standard in audio excellence within the industry.

D48 - NST Audio's first product

...and make it all easier

It’s not rocket science. Even if sometimes it feels like it.

We want to make everyone’s audio life that little bit simpler, so we’ve spent serious hours creating interfaces, software and controllers that make set-up and operation so much easier.

Whether it’s our D-Net Software that runs on PC, Mac and iPad, or our PoE Remote Control Panel, we’ve focused on making intuitive products that work the way you want them to – fast and simple.

D-Net Software


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