LEA Professional

Our company was founded in January 2019 with a drive to introduce technology, not yet seen in the audio industry. We committed ourselves to power, performance, advanced connectivity, and bold, compelling design.

The inspiration behind this bold, new startup originated with our Founder and CEO, Blake Augsburger. After being so deeply involved in the professional audio and integrator community for over a decade, it became clear that there was a desire for something more. There was a need in our market for a new company that understands the way business is done today.


Motivated to merge pro audio with new and innovative technologies, Blake shared his ideas with several former industry engineers and executives and was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Not long after, they joined together in South Bend, Indiana – a famous cradle of amplifier innovation – and LEA was created.

Since then, LEA Professional has rapidly moved from startup to a major industry player. The core of the business lies in merging IoT technology with pro audio amplifiers while delivering Amazon-like transactional experiences for dealers and customers.


The LEA Way

The LEA Way is our differentiator – it’s the way we do business. We’re not confused about who our customer is and we are driven by one goal – to make our customers successful. That goal drives every aspect of our business from bold audio technologies to delivering a sound transaction and support experience. After decades of experience in the audio industry we know that it will take a bold, transparent and fun new approach to deliver a product and a service that our customers are excited about. And that’s exactly how we plan to do business – that’s The LEA Way.

over 200 years of combined

pro audio experience

We’re made up of industry veterans with over 200 years of combined pro audio experience.

Our goal is to serve the AV industry by providing system integrators and installers with the products, tools and technologies that they need to be successful.