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Martin Audio delivers rich, clear sound that envelops the entire congregation leading to an uplifting experience, a stronger community and a thriving House of Worship.

The coverage is truly exceptional. We have seating in alcoves and they were just getting reflected sound before. Now every seat in the house has even coverage, top to bottom, side to side.

First Pentecostal Church, Arkansas – USA

Signature Sound, Class Leading Coverage and Performance

Since 1971, Martin Audio has been designing and manufacturing from its British headquarters high performance professional loudspeaker and electronics systems for both touring and permanent installation.

We have an extensive record of successful installations with houses of worship around the world from the smaller 200 seat venue through to the multi-campus sites.

Intelligible audio for the congregation is an essential component to an uplifting experience. Speech and music reproduced with absolute fidelity is the hallmark of any Martin Audio system.

Martin Audio are also the global leaders in optimisied line array technology with award winning Patented technology that delivers superior coverage and consistency while avoiding sound reflections off walls, windows and balconies improving intelligibility for the congregation.