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School & University Sound Systems
Martin Audio delivers rich, clear sound that envelops the audience helping to ensure that the next generation are inspired.

With MLA, the level from the front to the rear of the seating area changes considerably less than with a traditional speaker system, and the tonal quality is significantly more uniform. Knowing that people in the cheap seats are getting the whole mix is so great!

Ken Newman, FOH Engineer, Barry Manilow

Signature Sound, Class Leading Coverage and Performance

Martin Audio was founded to manufacture live performance loudspeakers for the supergroups of the 1970s, allowing such bands as Pink Floyd, The Who and Supertramp to play to larger audiences and be heard properly for the first time. Since then, Martin Audio has earned a reputation for supplying superb sound systems across the spectrum of sound reinforcement and for a wealth of tours and concerts. Renowned for integrity in design, technical excellence and longevity of its products, Martin Audio offers a comprehensive range of touring speakers suitable for every type of venue, performance and application, with a focus on full frequency sound, control, coverage and consistency. With a global network of committed rental partners and a proven track record, means whether it’s a one off concert or a world tour the quality, performance and support for the system is assured.