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Martin Audio delivers signature sound with class leading coverage, consistency and control to truly connect the artist and audience for unforgettable concerts.

The level from the front to the rear of the seating area changes considerably less than with a traditional speaker system, and the tonal quality is significantly more uniform. Knowing that people in the cheap seats are getting the whole mix is so great!

Ken Newman, FOH Engineer

Renowned Sound Systems

Martin Audio was founded to manufacture live performance loudspeakers for the supergroups of the 1970s, allowing such bands as Pink Floyd, The Who and Supertramp to play to larger audiences and be heard properly for the first time.

Since then, Martin Audio has earned a reputation for supplying superb sound systems across the spectrum of sound reinforcement and for a wealth of tours and concerts. Renowned for integrity in design, technical excellence and longevity of its products, Martin Audio offers a comprehensive range of touring speakers suitable for every type of venue, performance and application, with a focus on full frequency sound, control, coverage and consistency.

Event professionals, audio engineers, and touring artists count on Martin Audio for reliability and sound quality show after show.

Yes, I could use another PA system, but I stake my reputation on it never sounding as awesome as this show does with Martin Audio. This system enables you to achieve things that no other system offers.

Simon Honywill, FOH Sound Engineer

Unite Your Audience

Our philosophy of “Unite Your Audience” isn’t just a motto, it’s the guiding principle behind everything we do. Our systems bring our signature sound of clarity and impact with the coverage and consistency that truly connects the fans with the artist’s performance in every seat of the venue.

Class Leading Control, Coverage and Consistency

Since the mid-2000’s Martin Audio has been an innovator in the arena of line array optimisation – the ability to manipulate sound for improved control, coverage and consistency for the benefit of the user and the audience.

Today, our acoustical simulation software provides both highly accurate sound system prediction with the ability optimise the sound against target goals set by the user and the dynamics of the venue. The user specifies exactly what SPL and frequency response is required at various points throughout the venue and intelligent software automatically determines the array configuration and controls the array to produce that result. With such control, both non-audience areas and Hard Avoid® areas ─ such as on stage and beyond the venue perimeter ─ can be programmed in, and vertical coverage can be fine-tuned electronically.

This ensures for the artist, sound engineer, and touring team the confidence that the very best sound deployment possible in any given venue and conditions is achieved.

It is the only system I would consider for this kind of event. In addition to the extremely accurately defined coverage, the Hard Avoid® feature on stage and the incredible cardioid subs meant that we could really meet audience expectations while maintaining the stage quiet and clean.

Phil Wright, FOH Sound Engineer

Not Just For Rock ‘N Roll

Stand-up comedy has a long association with Martin Audio and over the years, along with our rental partners, we’ve helped support artists of the calibre of Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre and Kevin Hart.

High vocal intelligibility and consistency of coverage are paramount in comedy gigs, because if you miss one word the joke’s not funny. Arguably, it’s more important to have even coverage and intelligibility for a comedian than any rock concert you’re ever going to do, because at a rock concert everyone knows the chorus, but in a comedy gig no-one knows what’s coming next.

Martin Audio’s fastidious focus upon mid and high band clarity and projection is legendary and with our optimisation technology even coverage from front to back is an amazing quality to have for speech only shows.

The real challenge with stand-up is that we have to spend more time trying to avoid unwanted reflections whereas music shows can be more forgiving. Fortunately, we can comfortably deal with issues like slapback using the Hard Avoid feature in the software.

Toby Donovan, System Tech

Everyone we have had contact with at Martin Audio has been a pleasure to do business with. They seem genuinely interested in our situation and eager to help and I feel we can develop real one on one relationships. We could not be happier with Martin Audio as a business partner.

Steve Payne, Owner, Soundworks of Virginia, USA

I love this system! It’s great to be back on the Martin Audio gear. It’s a very detailed box and matches the subs perfectly.

Trevor Gilligan, FOH Sound Engineer