Established in 1926, Film Alley has three Texas locations for family-friendly entertainment. Going beyond the typical movie theater experience, Film Alley features fun dining areas, bars, bowling lanes, arcades, and various private event rooms, each integrated for audio/video experiences. Each expansive facility is decked out with large TVs throughout so patrons can view video content from anywhere throughout the space.


Even though each zone is independent of the others, the speakers needed the option to provide coverage collectively, while also offering the flexibility to isolate zones for private events, and tailor distinct music and audio playback from the system or video feed. The speaker hardware also needed to blend into the surroundings in a way that would maintain the fun atmosphere without bulky speakers that distract.


For the Film Alley, Terrell, TX location, local technology experts, SAVE Electronics were invited to design a system to support the unique needs of the project. With several entertainment areas requiring audio: the parking lot, lobby, film room, arcade, bar, bowling lanes, and event rooms, it was a challenge to bring each space to life with enough speakers to provide full sound coverage that would match the needs for each experience. The height and vast square footage of this project made reliable, even audio coverage the main priority for the audio system.  


“We have challenges, a lot of times, making sure you have enough speaker coverage so that it’s the same throughout the whole space. It really does create an experience.”

– Tim Boyd, Founder | SAVE Electronics  


The integrator on the project, SAVE Electronics, believes in providing their clients with a seamless A/V and automation system that is simple to operate. They want their clients to enjoy the experience without having to think about the technical aspects of the system. The team ultimately decided to leverage the performance and design of Sonance for the audio on the project.


To achieve the appropriate coverage for the project, Sonance engineers helped identify the ideal height and placement of each speaker. The sleek and minimalistic design of the pendant speakers and surface mounted speakers allow them to disappear into the open ceiling space throughout the facility. The result is a complete and immersive experience that floats around Film Alley guests as they participate in all the fun activities throughout, be it watching a movie in the film room, eating with friends, or bowling while watching the big game.  

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