Bar, Restaurant & Hotel Sound Systems



Martin Audio delivers a consistent acoustic signature of rich, clear sound across a venue, connecting the different facets of the space and delighting the patrons that frequent them. Consequently, venues become destinations and more profitable.

Everyone’s very impressed with the sound system because when you walk through the building, you essentially have the same acoustic signature throughout every space, there aren’t any gaps or areas where the highs drop out or it’s all bass.

Gibsons Italia, Chicago, USA

Signature Sound, Class Leading Coverage and Performance

Since 1971, Martin Audio has been designing and manufacturing from its British headquarters high performance professional loudspeaker and electronics systems for both touring and permanent installation.

We have an extensive record of successful hospitality installations, everything from bars and restaurants to hotels.

Delivering high quality sound can play an important part in turning venues into destinations, helping clientele smile so they become repeat customers who spread the word and thus increase the venue’s reputation and profitability.

Martin Audio has a wide portfolio of loudspeaker solutions – including weatherised outdoor speakers – to meet the variety of needs and challenges that face hospitality venues and their deployment of sound systems – this also helps to guarantee consistency of sound dynamics between different loudspeakers throughout their location, as well as working within an assortment of project budget scenarios.

Many of these solutions incorporate award winning Patented technology that deliver a superior audio experience for patrons of the venue and can solve acoustic challenges that the building may present.