Home of the historic Green Bay Packers professional football team and nicknamed “The Frozen Tundra,” Lambeau field is not only famous for the host team and their 13 league championships, but also for the unique architectural design of the stadium. As the only outdoor venue in a cold-weather city, Lambeau field has garnered a die-hard fan base, willing to endure the elements to see their team land the win.


The suites at Lambeau field are designed to give fans all the amenities and luxuries of the stadium at their finger tips. The ability to order food, purchase gear from the pro-shop, look at real-time game statistics, and more, requires technology that is user friendly, powerful, and adaptable for multiple use-cases.

“When I first saw the IPORT CONNECT PRO in our suite, it definitely fit in with the aesthetic we were going for, a very clean look ands very fresh feel.”

Rob Konitzer A/V Systems, Green Bay Parkers


The Packers pride themselves on “The Packer Way,” or going above and beyond to provide a deeply loyal fan base with the ultimate game day experience. The publicly owned NFL franchise is selective in finding companies and partnerships that align with the Green Bay Packers philosophy to bring the best possible experience to their fan base.


IPORT products have been transforming the dedicated tablet into a simple and functional business tool for over a decade. The CONNECT PRO solution makes everything convenient and seamless for fans so they can focus on engaging with guests in the suite and enjoying the game.


The experience speaks for itself. With the technology from Apple’s iPad combined with IPORT’s solution to hold, charge, and protect Leveraging the sleek and sophisticated design of IPORT CONNECT PRO cases and docking stations to hold, charge, and protect the dedicated control iPads, the box suites at Lambeau Field are able to maintain a clean look while engaging all the technology needed to bring the complete experience to life.


At the core of the IPORT CONNECT PRO platform is the drive to provide minimalistic, industrial designs that hold, charge, protect, and connect dedicated-use iPads, empowering any space to come to life with the touch of a button. CONNECT PRO solutions deliver next-level charging that can be simply executed through a single CAT5 cable with CONNECT PRO PoE+.


In 2004, the team at Sonance saw an opportunity to integrate everyone’s favorite Apple products into everyday life in a simple way. This led to the launch of IPORT. Beginning with the world’s first in-wall dock for iPod, and later evolving into in-wall mounts for iPad and iPod touch, the brand realized that its solutions could help end-users turn iOS devices into simple and functional business tools or home controllers.

Today, industry-wide praise continues to grow as IPORT redefines where and how tablets are used in residences and commercial applications, alike. From homes, hotel rooms, corporate offices, yachts, and fleet vehicles, IPORT products solve real problems and enhance the usability of tablets in business and at home every day.

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