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Martin Audio delivers powerful, distortion free sound to immerse and energise the dancefloor. As a result, nightclubs become destinations and more profitable.

You Don’t Get To call Yourself The Ministry Of Sound Without Having One Of The Best Systems In The Game

The Development of Ministry of Sound with Martin Audio


Signature Sound, Class Leading Coverage and Performance

Since 1971, Martin Audio has been designing and manufacturing from its British headquarters high performance professional loudspeaker and electronics systems for both touring and permanent installation.

We have an extensive record of successful and award winning nightclub installations around the world, delivering high quality and energy pumping sound to help turn venues into destinations, with customers returning again and again, increasing the venue’s reputation and profitability.

Martin Audio’s wide portfolio of loudspeaker solutions meet the variety of needs and challenges that face nightclub venues and their deployment of sound systems – this also helps to guarantee a consistency of sound dynamics between different loudspeakers and their location, as well as working within different project budget scenarios.

Critically, Martin Audio systems address coverage challenges efficiently, have the power to ignite a dancefloor yet be distortion free to allow clubbers hours of listening pleasure.

Many of these solutions incorporate award winning Patented technology that deliver a superior audio experience for clubbers and can solve acoustic challenges that the venue may present.