HH Electronics Amplifies the Never-ending Vibes at White, Johannesburg’s Latest Upscale Dining and Entertainment Hotspot

Johannesburg, Nov 25 – Fine dining enthusiasts are in for a treat with the launch of premium lifestyle lounge, White – Campus Square.

Situated in Melville, Johannesburg’s famed epicentre of urban culture, the high-end dining and entertainment venue stands out with its custom-designed audio system, featuring speakers from HH Electronics.
The first iteration of White opened its doors in Sunninghill, Sandton, where it rapidly gained popularity. Earlier this year, the owners decided to recreate the winning formula in Melville, bringing their unique interpretation of a luxury lounge to one of Johannesburg’s trendiest suburbs.

As a brand, White is built on combining luxury dining with lively entertainment. To achieve this vision, the venue owners reached out to Pieter de Vrye from De Vrye Automation and tasked him with developing an audio system tailored to the venue’s specific needs.

The challenge for De Vrye lay in creating an audio system versatile enough to deliver both the nuanced clarity required for ambient dinner music and the robust intensity suitable for lively post-dinner events. In addition, he had to factor in the strict parameters set by Campus Square centre management, to ensure that other tenants in the mall are not negatively affected by audio spill over from the venue.

De Vrye emphasizes that the primary aim in creating an audio system for the White premium lounge is to produce high-quality, evenly distributed ambient music. He notes, “The system should enhance the atmosphere while still allowing for comfortable conversation.”

Additionally, he points out the need for versatility, as the venue becomes more vibrant in the evenings, especially with live DJ sets following dinner service on weekends.

To achieve the perfect balance of quality, power, and durability, De Vrye specified eight HH Electronics Tessen TNi-W8Pro wall mount loudspeakers to serve as the heart of the system.

“We wanted to ensure that we achieved even coverage throughout the interior of the lounge, including across the bar area, the dining booths on the outer edges and the more open atrium at the front of the restaurant,” De Vrye explains. 

“One might argue that eight loudspeakers are a lot for a venue of its size,” De Vrye points out. “However, we wanted to achieve a very clean, even coverage, and therefore decided to go with more loudspeakers distributed strategically across the venue. As a result, the system can be played at very low levels, while still being heard everywhere, with no hot or dead spots.”  

To support the HH Electronics Tessen TNi-W8 Pros, De Vrye included five HH Electronics TRS-1500 Tensor Series powered sub-woofers to achieve the optimal soundscape at low levels. 

“Once we achieved the distribution and clarity we were after at low levels, we knew the system had the room to achieve the high-energy vibe we wanted after dinner,” De Vrye points out. According to him, the system can be run at 65% or less, while still delivering the high-powered output preferred by visiting DJs and after dinner guests.  

When asked why he chose HH Electronics for the installation, De Vrye points to the excellent audio quality, robust design and attractive price point offered by HH Electronics across their diverse range of installation and touring loudspeakers.

“I was introduced to the HH Electronics brand about a year ago by ApexPro, the brand’s distribution partner in Southern Africa. I was immediately impressed with the high quality and robust design of the installation speakers on offer, which come at a surprisingly competitive price point for the quality they deliver.”

– Managing Director of De Vrye Automation

De Vrye explains that, as an audiophile, HH Electronics’ frequency response is of a much higher quality than one would expect for a loudspeaker in its price range. “When I specify HH Electronics for clients that are accustomed to the cost of professional level audio equipment of comparable quality, they are often sceptical at first,” De Vrye points out. “However, once the owners of White heard the system for the first time, they were immediately sold.” 

De Vrye adds that HH Electronics is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warrantee, serviced locally by ApexPro.  “When I specify HH Electronics products for an installation, I can do so with peace of mind. I know that the system will last my client for many years, and I will not lose valuable business hours maintaining the system over the long run.”

HH for HQ

Sounin Development installs range of HH Electronics loudspeakers at prestigious new police HQ building in Phnom Penh…

The inauguration of the new administrative headquarters for the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Comissariat took place recently in the Cambodian capital. The Deputy Prime Minister, senators and members of the National Assembly were all present to see the culmination of a three-year project to deliver the ten-storey construction, which was completed at a cost of US$14 million. Comprising multiple rooms across 20,000 square feet, the facility required high quality audio reinforcement for its many meeting and conference spaces, which include designated International Meeting and Conference Rooms.

After careful consideration, experienced AV consultant and integrator Sounin Development GP Co.,Ltd of Phnom Penh was engaged to design, supply, and install the system. After consultation with leading distribution partner Fast Technologies, AV engineer Sounin Chann chose a variety of HH Electronics loudspeakers to meet the comprehensive brief.

HH TNi-W6 6.5-inch passive surface mount wall speakers featured prominently, with 32 units installed across four rooms on level 8, with a further 8 each for the International Meeting and Conference Rooms respectively on levels 9 and 10. A total of 100 x 8-inch HH TNi-W8 surface mount wall speakers covered rooms on 5 floors (20 per floor) with the scheme completed by the deployment of 100 x HH TNi-C8 8-inch ceiling speakers across a further 5 floors (20 per floor).

Ian Wright, Global Sales Director for HH Electronics, was impressed:
“Sounin Development supported by Fast Technologies completed great work for this large and very important project. We’re delighted and proud of the fact that almost two-hundred and fifty HH loudspeakers were deployed at what is a very prestigious new site. The installation demonstrates the extent to which our surface mount and ceiling speaker ranges are a go-to product for schemes that require easy to install, versatile, powerful, professional-level reinforcement at a very competitive cost.”