Versatile preamp includes a 3 channel mixer, DSP and reverb effect

The ultra portable Tensor-MINI is an easy to carry, lightweight, high power PA loudspeaker with built in Li-Ion battery. The versatile preamp includes a 3 channel mixer, DSP and reverb effect along with a Bluetooth/USB media player. Bluetooth also supports stereo linking of two units. The multi-angle cabinet can be used on the ground, as a monitor or on a pole stand and the user controlled EQ adjustment ensures you can always get optimal sound quality. The Tensor-MINI is ideal for Performers/ Vocalists/ Parties/ Classrooms and more.


  • Ultra compact, lightweight design
  • 6.5” Co-Axial full range driver
  • High power amplifier
  • 3 channel Mic/Line/Instrument mixer with reverb
  • Bass/Treble control
  • Internal Li-Ion battery powered
  • Media player with Bluetooth audio streaming and stereo linking
  • USB media player capabilities


The Tensor series of portable active PA speakers are designed to deliver great performance and flexibility in a variety of settings. 

The Tensor TRE speakers are equipped with powerful Class D amplifiers and HH designed woofers and compression drivers, enabling them to reach high SPL, making them suitable for live sound reinforcement and professional audio applications.

The Tensor TRS active subwoofers, the TRS-1500 and TRS-1800, are designed to complement the TRE speakers, providing an extended low-frequency response and more power to the overall sound system. Both TRS subwoofers are constructed with a lightweight wood enclosure and designed with optimal bass porting for enhanced low-frequency response.

The Tensor TRM-1201 active stage monitor comes with an HH designed high performance 12-inch driver & 1-inch compression driver. And with an ultra efficient 1400-Watt Class D amplifier, this stage monitor delivers optimal power output, ensuring your sound is heard loud and clear, even in demanding applications.

The Tensor-GO and Tensor-SOLO are feature-packed, compact, portable and powerful column PA systems, designed to be the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality speaker that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Together, the Tensor Series speakers create a complete, portable, and powerful sound system, capable of delivering clear and impactful audio in a wide range of audio applications.

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