AV managed like IT

a suite of tools

designed to keep your AV working all the time

Director is an intelligent approach to AV over IP
management, it was created to deliver three objectives.

AV over IP systems


Easy setup procedure with CSV import to accommodate large deployments. Assign icons to source and display end points to assist identification.


Real-time data on encoder/decoder operation, as well as providing insight into source and display operation.


Granular testing of all encoder/decoder functionality including attached IR or RS232 devices. Reboot and reset options for individual endpoints or as part of group.


Extensive firmware management, providing high level administrator access to individual or groups of end points with firmware cloud managed files.


Individual encrypted encoder/decoder pairings for added protection against unauthorised content viewing. Additional permission settings to allow or disallow certain routing.


Flexible EDID handling with full reporting of monitor information. EDID validation process to ensure integrity of information.



Create browser based user interfaces to control your projects essential functions with our “no programming” approach to GUI design. Control matrix, video wall and Multiview functions as well as external devices like displays and media players.

Create no touch UI’s with our pin coded QR system.

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Get creative, automate actions like turning on displays upon source detection or initiating room off procedures after source disconnection. Combine with multiple encoders to create a priority auto switching system.


Schedule any number of preset commands for unattended operation. From ensuring all displays are turned off at end of day, to changing source content on the lobby video wall, the possibilities are endless.


Create virtual “show me” buttons on your smart device for personalised control of your HDMI input. Multiple colours and custom logo’s available for tailoring to your clients requirements
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Director generates rich sets of data that allows organisations to better manage their AV for continuous service improvement for all stake holders. That’s right, an AV product that slips into your ITSM (IT Service Management) practices like any other IT product, prioritising the needs of the business over technology for technologies sake. Generate reports directly from Director dashboard or export to services like Splunk.

Asset tracking of devices throughout its life cycle. Director logs full history of every device it manages no matter how short or long it has been in service.

Time stamped logging of devices to meet your SLA commitments. Create reports that show when and how long devices were out of service.

Better understand AV behaviour by studying user AV interaction. Create reports that show when AV was used, how long for and even how long it took to start the AV in any meeting.

Will your AV be ready to use

Director has a virtual room checker, our group health feature will go and interrogate our end points to confirm everything is in order for the room to operate as intended. Avoid unexpected down time and save labour resources by running group health as part of a scheduled daily routine or run on demand. Your AV angel will always be looking after you, to ensure your AV is working all the time.


How much use is your AV getting?

Are AV booked rooms being utilised as they should?

TECHNOLOGY USE How much use are your devices actually getting? Could you re-deploy for greater ROI?
NETWORK DOWNTIME Are devices falling off the network unexpectedly? Drill down to reveal timings for such events.