Dual 18" Reflex Loaded Subwoofer

Capable of more than 146dB peak output at 1m half-space, the ground-stack DSX powered and networked subwoofer achieves extremely high output levels from such a compact enclosure.


  • Ultra-high output subwoofer with onboard Class D amplification. DSP and networking
  • Two reflex-loaded 18” (450mm)/4” (100mm) drivers perfectly balance low frequency extension and impact
  • Switched mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and global mains voltage operation
  • Forward or rear-facing operation
  • Designed to meet IP24 environmental rating


  • Outdoor festivals
  • Arenas and theatres
  • Concert halls
  • Premium fixed installations

The DSX’s high output capability is achieved by combining state-of-the-art driver technology with an onboard Class D amplifier module which can deliver 6kW peak power.

Its two reflex-loaded 18” (450mm)/4” (100mm) drivers perfectly balance low frequency extension and impact.

Forward output as well as rear rejection can be optimised to achieve coverage where required and cancellation elsewhere.

A flying version, the DSX-F can be flown alongside or at the top of MLA Compact arrays, as well as being ground-stacked. The ground-stack DSX can be upgraded to a DSX-F by an easy-to-fit accessory kit.

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Wheelboard / Transit Cover
  • ASF17025. – MSX Wheelboard & Transit Cover
  • ASF15027. – MSX Rain Cowl & Frame
  • ASF20055. – Transition Frame with Flying Pins (Single)
  • ASF20056. – Long ground stack bar (only 1 needed per stack)
  • ASF20057. – Short ground stack bar (only 1 needed per stack)
  • ASF20058. – MLA Mini Pole mount system (universal bracket & pole)
  • ASF20059. – MLA Mini Pole Mount System (Tilt Bracket & Pole)
  • ASF20051. – MLA Mini Universal Hanging Bracket
  • ASF20062. – MSX Ground-Stack Base-Plate
  • ASF20045. – 35mm Pole Adaptor for Universal Bracket
  • HAM09224. – Wind-up pole
Flight Cases
  • CAR00072. – MLA Mini Flight-Case (Holds 4 x MLA Mini)
  • CAR00073. – MLA Mini Grid Flight-Case
  • CAR00074. – MLA Mini Multi-Deployment Hardware Case
  • HAM09223. – MSX Module rack-mount kit (sold in pairs only)
  • ASF17031. – MLA Merlin Rack – WiFi Enabled 110V & 230V
  • ASF17031. – MLA Merlin Rack. WiFi Enabled 110V & 230V
  • ASF20061. – MSX Rack Mount Amp Module (Includes Rack Mount Kit)
  • ASF20061. – MSX Rack Mount Amp Module
  • ASF17034. – MLA Merlin Rack. WiFi Enabled 110V
  • ASF17032. – MLA Merlin Rack. Non WiFi Enabled 110 & 230V
  • ASF17035. – MLA Merlin Rack – Non WiFi Enabled 110V
  • ASF17011. – MLA Ruckus Wifi Front of House Rack
  • ASF17012. – MLA Ruckus Front Of House Rack 110v
  • ASF14017. – Panasonic Toughbook PC inc Accessories
  • ASF14004. – Leica Disto D8 Laser Distance Meter
  • ASF14012. – Leica DS510 Laser Disto
Cables / Networking
  • ASF14013. – USB to Ethernet Adaptor (ROW)
  • ASF14014. – USB to Ethernet Adaptor (USA)
  • PWA00040. – Network (U-NET) Cable 35m Belden 1305A
  • PWA00051. – Network (U-NET) Cable 5m Belden
  • PWA00038. – Network (U-NET) Cable 800mm
  • ASF12031. – MLA Mini Speaker Cable – 19 pin to 4 x NL4
  • ASF12030. – MLA Mini Speaker Cable. 19 pin to 4 x NL8
  • ASF12029. – MLA Mini Speaker Cable – 19 pin 15m Extension
  • ASF12002. – 6 Circuit Multi-way Cable 30m
  • ASF12025. – MSX 1.65m Power Cable set. With 2 x PowerCon and moulded Y-split to 1 x IP67 screw-type C-Form.
  • ASF12024. – MSX 2.15m Power cable set- 1 x PowerCon to 1 x IP67 (C-Form)
  • ASF12023. – 5m Power Cable Set. 1 x PowerCon to 1 x IP67 (C-Form)
  • ASF12026. – MLA Mini 3m Double Speaker Cable Set
  • PCX00043. – Unet (ODU female) to RJ45 female converter
  • ASF14016. – Ruckus WAP and Cable
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Networked System Controller


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