Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Array Downfill

In order to match the performance and tonal balance of MLA, the MLD has been designed around the same acoustic format and electronics package. Coherent arrays of MLA and Downfill can easily be constructed to seamlessly cover the audience planes.


  • Downfill for MLA system
  • Three-way all-horn design delivers LF/MF/HF peak SPL’s of 139/139/140dB
  • 120°H x 20°V coverage
  • 52Hz-18kHz ± 3dB full bandwidth frequency response


  • Large-scale touring sound reinforcement for outdoor festivals, stadia, arenas and concert halls
  • Premium fixed installations in concert halls, theatres and sports venues

The MLD Downfill is an important MLA System component. Using just one – or at most – two Downfills to cover the first few rows maximises the projection and efficiency of the entire array.

Line array systems project, or throw better when the inter-cabinet angles are small. Unfortunately real-world requirements often dictate that the flown array must cover right up to the stage barrier. Arrays designed in this manner take on the familiar, highly-curved, banana shape. This is wasteful of array elements as almost half the array ends up being used to cover the first thirty metres/one hundred feet – leaving fewer boxes to reach the back seats.

The solution is to add a cabinet with a wider vertical dispersion. In the Downfill’s case this is 20°. Using only one – or at the most two – Downfills at the bottom of an array results in a lower curvature more directional array that projects much further and covers right up to the stage barrier.

The Downfill’s benefits are not confined to the vertical plane. With an extremely wide horizontal dispersion of 120°, the Downfill reaches to front-row-central as well as the ends of the front rows.

Our HiBlade™ patent-pending technology ensures ultra-high frequencies propogate right out to the edges of the dispersion pattern. Conventional 120° horns without this device tend to lose high frequency sparkle rapidly, as the listener moves off axis.

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Wheelboard / Transit Cover
  • ASF90005. – MLA Wheel board
  • COV00004. – MLA Transit Cover
  • ASF90008. – MLD Wheel board
  • COV00011. – MLD Transit Cover
  • ASF90006. – MLX Wheel board
  • ASF15044. – Transit Cover for MLX
  • ASF12009. – MLA Master/Slave Flight Case.Inc. 110v Mains Distro
  • ASF17001. – MLA Flying Frame Case (Complete)
  • ASF20030. – MLA break out (distro) hanger
  • ASF20033. – MLA ground stack bars (pair)
Flight Cases
  • CAR00030. – MLA Master/Slave Flightcase
  • CAR00049. – MLA Front of House Rack Flightcase
  • CAR00031. – MLA cable trunk
  • CAR00033. – Control PC flight case
  • CAR00042. – Flying frame flight case
  • ASF90005. – MLA Wheel board
  • COV00004. – MLA Transit Cover
  • ASF90008. – MLD Wheel board
  • COV00011. – MLD Transit Cover
  • ASF90006. – MLX Wheel board
  • ASF15044. – Transit Cover for MLX
Cables / Networking
  • PWA00058. – 35m – array XLR cable
  • PWA00054. – 3m – MLX XLR cable
  • PWA00060. – 0.8m MLA/D XLR cable
  • PWA00041. – 120m network cable on drum
  • PWA00040. – Network (U-NET) Cable 35m Belden 1305A
  • PWA00052. – 75m network cable on drum
  • PWA00051. – Network (U-NET) Cable 5m Belden
  • PWA00063. – 2.5m 16A Ceeform IP67 extension 2.5mm
  • PWA00039. – 3m – MLX Unet cable
  • PWA00038. – Network (U-NET) Cable 800mm
  • PWA00057. – 35m – clinometer XLR cable
  • PCX00043. – Unet (ODU female) to RJ45 female converter
  • PWA00053. – Unet (ODU female) to RJ45 female converter
  • ASF12007. – 6-Circuit to 12-Way Break out Loom
  • ASF12006. – 15m, 3-Circuit to 6-Way Break out.
  • ASF12002. – 6 Circuit Multi-way Cable 30m
  • ASF12008. – 230V 3ph 32A 12 cct mains distro


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