Hybrid® Horn/Reflex Subwoofer

The MLX is a very high performance subwoofer with onboard amplification, DSP and networking. Capable of more than 150dB peak output at 1m, it is the ultimate subwoofer for large scale tours, festivals and installations.


  • Ultra-high output subwoofer with onboard Class D amplification. DSP and networking
  • Hybrid horn/reflex loading for maximum acoustic efficiency and low frequency extension
  • Dual ultra-long excursion 18” (460mm)/4.5” (115mm) voice coil neodymium drivers
  • Switched mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and global mains voltage operation
  • Forward or rear-facing operation
  • Designed to meet IP24 environmental rating


  • Outdoor festivals
  • Stadiums, arenas and theatres
  • Concert halls
  • Premium fixed installations

Class-leading output levels are achieved by combining Hybrid® horn/reflex loading with IPAL driver and amplifier technology. Hybrid loading of two ultra-long excursion 18” (460mm) neodymium magnet drivers perfectly balances low frequency extension with astounding chest-thumping bass that has a physical impact.

MLX enclosures are designed to be flown or ground-stacked and a combination of forward and rear facing enclosures can be configured as a directional subwoofer array with specific directional properties, including cardioid. Audio settings for the MLX can be controlled either cabinet-by-cabinet or as complete arrays via the VU-NET™ network, with its intuitive graphical interface. Symmetrical rigging enables MLX’s to face backwards in flown arrays.

MLX’s onboard Class D amplifier delivers a total peak output of 8500W. Its lightweight power supply auto-ranges to global mains voltages from 100 to 240V 50/60Hz and Power Factor Correction ensures stable performance independent of mains fluctuations, as well as reducing demands on the mains supply. The amplifier, power supply and control electronics are housed in a field-replaceable, fan-cooled module that is designed to withstand the varied environmental conditions — such as rain and high ambient temperatures — typically found in live sound applications.

The MLX enclosure is constructed from multi-laminate birch plywood and finished in a hard-wearing, textured black polyurea coating. A rigid perforated steel grille protects the front of the enclosure, while rubber cheeks protect the sides. Interlocking skids protect the top and bottom surfaces and prevent movement when stacked.

Up to 15 MLX’s can be flown from an MLA system flybar.

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Wheelboard / Transit Cover
  • ASF90005. – MLA Wheel board
  • COV00004. – MLA Transit Cover
  • ASF90008. – MLD Wheel board
  • COV00011. – MLD Transit Cover
  • ASF90006. – MLX Wheel board
  • ASF15044. – Transit Cover for MLX
  • ASF12009. – MLA Master/Slave Flight Case.Inc. 110v Mains Distro
  • ASF17001. – MLA Flying Frame Case (Complete)
  • ASF20030. – MLA break out (distro) hanger
  • ASF20033. – MLA ground stack bars (pair)
Flight Cases
  • CAR00030. – MLA Master/Slave Flightcase
  • CAR00049. – MLA Front of House Rack Flightcase
  • CAR00031. – MLA cable trunk
  • CAR00033. – Control PC flight case
  • CAR00042. – Flying frame flight case
  • CAR00049. – MLA Front of House Rack Flightcase
  • ASF17011. – MLA Ruckus Wifi Front of House Rack
  • ASF17012. – MLA Ruckus Front Of House Rack 110v
  • ASF17015. – Master Rack – Ruckus
  • ASF17018. – 6 Circuit Multi-way Cable 30m
  • ASF17016. – Slave Rack – Ruckus 230v
  • ASF17016. – Slave Rack – Ruckus 110v
  • ASF17044. – Control PC Flight Case (Complete) for MLA
  • ASF14017. – Panasonic Toughbook PC inc Accessories
  • ASF14004. – Leica Disto D8 Laser Distance Meter
  • ASF14002 – Professional WiFi Access Point
Cables / Networking
  • PWA00058 – 35m – array XLR cable
  • PWA00054 – 3m – MLX XLR cable
  • PWA00060 – 0.8m MLA/D XLR cable
  • PWA00041 – 120m network cable on drum
  • PWA00040 – Network (U-NET) Cable 35m Belden 1305A
  • PWA00052 – 75m network cable on drum
  • PWA00051 – Network (U-NET) Cable 5m Belden
  • PWA00063 – 2.5m 16A Ceeform IP67 extension 2.5mm
  • PWA00039 – 3m – MLX Unet cable
  • PWA00038 – Network (U-NET) Cable 800mm
  • PWA00057 – 35m – clinometer XLR cable
  • PCX00043 – Unet (ODU female) to RJ45 female converter
  • PWA00053 – Unet (ODU female) to RJ45 female converter
  • ASF12007 – 6-Circuit to 12-Way Break out Loom
  • ASF12006 – 15m, 3-Circuit to 6-Way Break out.
  • ASF12002 – 6 Circuit Multi-way Cable 30m
  • ASF12008 – 230V 3ph 32A 12 cct mains distro
  • ASF12009 – MLA Master/Slave Flight Case Inc. 110v Mains Distro
  • ASF17001 – MLA Flying Frame Case (Complete)
  • ASF20030 – MLA flying frame
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Networked System Controller


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