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World’s First Optimised Line Arrays With Scalable Resolution

Martin Audio is the global leader in optimised line array technology, and Wavefront Precision line arrays offer a scalable approach to the level of control, consistency and coverage required for an event or installation. Comprising WPM, WPS, WPC and WPL, Wavefront Precision is Martin Audio’s fastest ever selling line array format series being deployed at major festivals, concerts and corporate events while also being installed into houses of worship, live venues and auditoria around the world.

Wavefront Precision: Optimised Line Arrays

Adopting the principle of scalable resolution, with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers, Wavefront Precision line arrays are uniquely flexible, upgradeable and financially accessible.

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With exceptional line array performance guaranteed by the acoustic design itself, scalable resolution unlocks the full potential of a Wavefront Precision array and provides an adaptable pathway into the world of advanced optimisation.

The greater the resolution of the array in terms of individually driven enclosures, the more precisely DISPLAY can fine-tune audience coverage and hold the frequency response and SPL’s throughout the venue within a tight window specified by the user.

For the first time in the marketplace the decision on the level of resolution and control that is right for the install, client, event or budget is yours.

With scalable resolution, the commercial advantages are clear:

  • Design systems to better suit project budget targets.
  • Ability to increase resolution over time by buying more amps at later stage.
  • Dynamic deployment within a venue or site where the main PA could be driven by enclosures with more dedicated amp channels than may be necessary for delays.
  • Adaptable rental pricing based on event dynamics and clients’ resources.

Wavefront Precision: Scalable resolution – the choice is yours

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It’s not only the consistent coverage, flexibility and scalable resolution that set Wavefront Precision line arrays apart. Their exceptional sonic performance and exemplary horizontal pattern control are born from Martin Audio’s trademark, innovative approach to high-efficiency acoustic design.

Wavefront Precision enclosures are constructed from plywood with a durable painted finish and fabric-backed protective steel grilles. Discreet side pocket handles and rear grips are provided to assist handling and splay-angle adjustment, while integrated rigging systems assure quick, efficient and safe construction of arrays.

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DISPLAY is incredibly powerful. Based on an acoustic model accurate to within ±1dB of measured data, it provides a virtual environment in which arrays can be configured and optimised and delivers unrivalled coverage consistency over the audience — right from switch-on.

DISPLAY Optimisation Process

DISPLAY Optimisation Process
By reducing sound impacting non-audience areas, rear walls and ceilings, the detrimental influence of the room can be significantly ‘dialled-out’ — increasing clarity and intelligibility in challenging acoustic environments.

DISPLAY leaves nothing to chance and takes the guesswork out of array design and deployment — generating predicted frequency responses throughout the venue and providing comprehensive rigging information, including mechanical safety analysis.

Array DSP parameters calculated by DISPLAY are easily uploaded to the iKON amplifiers via Ethernet, using Martin Audio’s VU-NET™ real-time control and monitoring software.

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Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with dedicated, high-performance iKON multi-channel Class D amplifiers.

Both the iK42 4-channel amplifier and iK81 8-channel amplifier are capable of very high power outputs and feature high-speed Ethernet communication for system control and monitoring via VU-NET, plus Dante™ digital audio networking. With the option to transmit digital audio over a single CAT5 cable, quality is maintained over long cable runs and integration with other devices in the sound system is straightforward.

Because the amplifiers are external to the loudspeaker enclosures, the resolution of the array can be increased as required by simply adding more amplifier channels to drive more array enclosures independently — increasing

the level of control available to DISPLAY to fine-tune coverage and reduce room influence. External amplifiers also facilitate ease-of-servicing in fixed installations.

The complete system approach not only guarantees that Wavefront Precision arrays perform repeatedly and effortlessly to their design maximum, but also that they are compatible worldwide.

Both the iK42 and iK81 provide powerful DSP processing of up to 1000 FIR filter taps @ 48kHz on each output channel. This high number of taps is essential to implement DISPLAY’S wide bandwidth optimisation capabilities.


Martin Audio enjoys an international reputation for supplying award winning, Patent protected professional loudspeaker systems across the spectrum of live sound and installation applications. It is now also the recognised global leader in optimised line array technology.


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