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Sonamp Digital and DSP Amplifiers

When it comes to reliable distributed audio, nobody has been doing it longer than Sonance. Building from the legacy of the Sonamp 260, recognized as the industry’s first distributed audio amplifier, the new range of Sonamp Digital, and DSP Amplifiers utilize cutting-edge technology to bring out the absolute best sonic performance from Sonance speakers, while the versatile feature-sets allow them to be integrated into third-party control systems for simplicity and user-friendliness.

Power density

The new line of digital amplifiers have been engineered to deliver all the reliable and stable power that Sonance amplifiers are known for in a form factor twice as small. The smaller size sacrifices nothing while delivering 93% energy efficiency.

Do more with less

In addition to the digital amplifier’s small form factor, the amplifiers are engineered to directly stack on top of one another with no air gaps. This reduction of space allows more components to be placed in valuable rack space.

Certified to worldwide safety standards

The Digital and DSP amplifiers are designed and certified to perform reliably and safely.


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