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Volume Controls and Speaker Selectors

Sonance volume controls and speaker selectors are the simplest way to increase and decrease audio levels or turn speaker zones on and off. Wall-mounted single-gang volume controls in either rotary or slider provide easy adjustment of local zones. 4 or 6 zone speaker selectors, with or without independent volume, allows control of several areas from a single location.

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Speaker Selectors

Sonance Speaker Selectors provide a simple solution to controlling different zones of a distributed audio system. Available in either 6 or 4 zones and with or without independent volume control per channel, Sonance Speaker Selectors are the user-friendly solution for anyone wanting basic control of their audio throughout their home or commercial environment.

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Volume Controls

For simplicity in technology and high-value distributed audio, Sonance Volume Controls are the perfect choice. Available in rotary or slider control in Decora® or standard wall plate design. Choose as standard or impedance-matching versions with either a 30-watt or 60-watt power rating.

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Outdoor Volume Control

The Sonance Outdoor Volume Control is the perfect choice for anyone wanting simple operation of their outdoor audio system. Encased in a weatherproof plastic enclosure, the 10-position rotary dial handles up to 60 watts per channel. Finished in a neutral light grey to blend into exterior wall finishes.


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