Sonance Invisible Series

Invisible Speakers are the pinnacle of the Sonance “Designed to Disappear” strategy. All-new Motion Flex Invisible Series incorporates new breakthroughs in installation and audio quality, and firmly entrenches Sonance as the unrivaled leader in discreet performance audio.                  

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Sonance Motion Flex Technology is a revolutionary approach to designing flat paneled invisible speakers, featuring a Wave Flex Drive Unit, an Air Flex Woofer, an Acoustically Isolated Baffle, and a Constant Directivity Crossover.

The Sonance Wave Flex Drive Unit is a high bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer combination that leverage the bending-wave principle to deliver exceptionally smooth mid and crystal clear highs. The Air Flex Woofer couples a glass-fiber woofer to an acoustically inert diaphragm, trapping a pocket of air that can be pushed without loss to deliver robust and powerful bass. 

Sonance Constant Directivity Crossover (CDX) provides smooth off-axis frequency response, resulting in nearly 180 degrees of horizontal and vertical dispersion.

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Sonance has revolutionized the invisible speaker category beyond just performance and design. Sonance has redefined how invisible speakers are installed and standardized with the Sonance Depth Identification Sensing Calibration (DISC) System.

The Sonance DISC System uses a highaccuracy depth gauge and embedded steel locator discs to measure the thickness of a finish applied over the surface of a Sonance Invisible Speaker. This allows for a consistent finish and performance within specifications every time.

View the Sonance DISC System Video HERE.

Sonance Invisible Series is complete with supporting installation accessories like pre-construction brackets, space savers, and sound-isolating enclosures. These installation accessories ensure a simple step-by-step process throughout the construction phase to reserve speaker placement and ensure a flawless finish.

View full installation steps for Sonance Invisible Series HERE.

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Distributed Audio

Sonance Invisible Series full-range speakers, woofers, and subwoofers are exceptional in distributed audio applications whether installed in-wall or in-ceiling. We have developed a full range of models that are designed for flexible placement and configuration for music and general distributed audio purposes that can be augmented with the addition of invisible woofers and subwoofers.

Surround Sound

Completely invisible surround sound configurations are now possible with the combination of Sonance IS full-range speakers and subwoofers. With multiple size options, the possibilities are nearly endless whether the application is a simple upgrade to TV sound, a full surround setup utilizing multiple subs, surrounds, and height channels, or anything in between.


Sonance’s commercially-centric “T” models, such as the IS8T speakers, feature Sonance Laminated Core Transformers for integration into 70V system designs. These powerful invisible speakers are great for commercial applications such as luxury retail boutiques, hotels, and other high-end spaces that require best-in-class performance with zero visual intrusion.

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