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enVision IC

Instant analysis and resolution of power issues

The enVision’s analytical software monitors, identifies, analyzes, and offers solutions to resolve power issues that can cause equipment error codes, malfunctions and downtime.

  • Measures line and neutral to ground voltage, crest factor, power factor, and line frequency metrics
  • 512 time stamped events with specific date and time
  • Historical max./min./avg. data up to 138 days
  • Customizable settings
  • Multi-Stage power protection and conditioning
  • Identifies pre-existing power issues
  • Internal battery
  • Remote access with optional Remote Portal module
Models: EV-23010 IC, EV-23016 IC
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The enVision’s predictive analytics software provides visibility and control into the power conditions at a customer’s site by gathering and analyzing data to facilitate root cause discussions with affected customers. It interprets the data into key metrics and trends, and baselines the factors that influences equipment operation, damage conditions, and inefficiencies.

Using innovative algorithms and predictive analytics software, the enVision discovers anomalies, patterns, and gives solutions to resolve electrical problems. It attempts to identify issues that can lead to connected equipment failure in advance. This enables technicians to proactively remedy issues rather than reacting to disruption or downtime.

The enVision provides the power analytics software to allow service teams to make informed, fast business decisions to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

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