Visual Experience Series with Quadratech


VXQ68 6″ Rectangle In-Wall Speaker

IP67 rated Visual Experience Series in-wall speaker featuring James Quadratech and Cymatic diffuser technology for ulitimate performance for architectural applications. The VXQ68 can be ordered with a standard Micro Trim grille with an option to subsitute for a Trimless grille at no additional cost. These speakers can also be configured to include an enclosure, and/or a 70V transformer to suit whatever the application demands. 


ROTO-LOCK® Superspeed Clamp System: Next generation aluminum/stainless steel clamp and screw system drastically improves installation time and ease. 

Brilliant White Micro Trim XPC Grille: Brighter, more consistent white shade. RAL standardized to better match ceilings and walls. Bezel size 50% smaller with knife-edge to minimize shadow lines. Extreme Post-Capture system creates a robust magnetic lock between speaker and grille that resists intense shear force from wind and power washers. 

Optional Trimless XPC Grille: Same brilliant white color but in a modern, monolithic aesthetic with no bezel and built-in XPC retention. 

Quadratech Tweeters with Cymatic Diffusers: Our next generation quad tweeter with state-of-the-art cymatic diffusers that correct high frequency polar patterns. Achieve even, balanced tonality to better fill spaces with smooth, extended treble that is remarkably consistent at any angle. 

CDX Crossovers: Adapted from Sonance Invisible Series, our Constant Directivity Crossovers align tweeters and woofers to provide consistent dispersion at all frequencies. 

Advanced Driver Motor Topology: Engineered via sophisticated magnetic and physical simulations to reduce distortion to nearly inaudible levels, resulting in the highest fidelity drivers we have ever made. 

Optional Accessories: With 127 new speakers and accessories, 1,800 total unique combinations of speaker configurations are possible from grilles to enclosures to other installation accessories. This gives the flexibility to tailor Visual Experience to blend into the design of any space.


Frequency Response
40Hz – 20kHz +/-3dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms nominal; 6 ohms minimum
90dB SPL (2.83V/1m)
Recommended Power Range
5 watts minimum; 150 watts maximum
6.5” (165mm) Aluminum cone, Santoprene surround
0.75” (19mm) four titanium domes, Ferrofluid-cooled, acoustic back chamber
Dispersion Technology
Quadratech Tweeter with Cymatic Di user
Mounting Technology
1-stage, 4 x RotoLock® Clamps
6.9375” x 10.75” (176mm x 273mm)
Required Mounting Depth
Open Back: 3.34” (84.9mm)
Mounting Depth + Shallow Encl
5.92” (150.4mm)
Rectangle Micro Trim Grille Dims
8.24” x 12.13” (209.4mm x 308.2mm)
Rectangle Trimless Grille Dims
7.88” x 11.77” (200.1mm x 298.9mm)
Shipping Weight
10 lbs. (4.5kg)


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