TNA-2800SA Active Sub Enclosure Previous Next The TNA-2800SA Active subwoofer features two HH designed 18″ low frequency woofers with exceptionally high output. Equipped with integrated


TNA-DF1 Tessen Line Array Accessories The TNA-DF1 solid steel dolly frame attaches securely to the TNS-1200s passive sub woofer to transform the TNA system into


TNA-BRK1 Tessen Line Array Accessories The TNA-BRK1 solid steel bracket attaches securely to the the TNS-1200s or TNA-2051 to allow secure flying suspension of the


TNA-1200s 12-inch HH designed woofer The TNA-1200s passive line array subwoofer features a high power 12-inch low frequency woofer with exceptional high output. Equipped with


TNA-1800S High sensitivity/long throw Celestion 18” woofer With performance that exceeds expectations, the new TESSEN TNA-1800s 18-inch passive subwoofer is an essential addition to any