Web UI



Introducing the world’s first


With our Web UI, you are no more than three clicks away from anything.

First, from the broadest view, you get a clear status check of every amplifier connected to the network. Therefore, you can see which amps are online/offline, whether they are powered on or in a standby mode, a quick performance status to report any errors or faults and even more.

In addition, with one click, you can view the status of every channel on any given amp to quickly monitor channel performance. Such as your output meter with a clip indicator, status indicators such as Ready, Limiting, Thermal, and Fault, as well as a quick attenuation level view and channel mute button.

So then, with a second click, you can select an individual channel for control and monitoring. Lastly, with a third click you are ready to start viewing and adjusting channel settings such as Input Settings, Signal Generator, Crossover, Equalizer, Limiter, and Load Monitoring.


  • Web Browser-based UI –  works on any device with no software to download
  • Control & Monitoring on any device (phone, tablet, PC or Mac).3-Click Visibility & Control you are no more than three clicks away from any device setting.
  • No Software Download The amplifier serves the Web UI directly to your device. No need to download any software to configure and monitor your device.
  • 3 Ways to Connect 1. Built in Wi-Fi Access Point (WAP) 2. Connect to Existing Wi-Fi Networks 3. Local Area Network (LAN) Ethernet Connection
  • Save & Load Complete Amp Settings Download and upload the entire amplifier settings at any time.
  • Save & Load Complete Speaker Settings Download and upload any speaker settings at any time.