Tao Beach Audio Flex with NST

“The venue is becoming known as the best sounding system in Vegas and has raised the bar on all venues, not just day clubs.”

The Tao Group don’t do things by halves.  With a portfolio of premium venues encompassing nightclubs, dayclubs and restaurants, combining incredible culinary skills, amazing décor and architecture in all the right locations – the aim is squarely to wow visitors and give them an experience like no other.

Tendai approves of the audio quality.

The company can now offer this high-end entertainment in over 70 locations spanning 20 countries, including Singapore, Dubai, Sydney: Australia, London: England, and a host of stunning venues across the United States.  In Las Vegas alone, we have (and this isn’t an exhaustive list) the OMNIA nightclub, Hakkasan restaurant and nightclub, Marquee dayclub and nightclub, and the 47,000 sq ft of the Tao Beach dayclub – the subject of this impressive audio installation update.

Multiple pools and distinctive Asian flavours – everything is immaculately presented.

The dayclub itself resides within the luxurious Venetian complex, and hosts DJ one-off events and residencies from the likes of Allesso (Sweden), Fisher (Australia) and home-grown talent such as TYGA.  If you want the best DJs and performance, you need the best sound system, and Tao Beach has truly gone high-end British courtesy of an incredible audio install refitting the luxury private cabanas and the pool area with outdoor DJ space.

Private cabanas luxuriate in the same top-end British audio experience (note the sub just at the front!) [image courtesy of TaoBeach.com]

NST Audio was chosen to provide speaker management and audio processing for the entire refit, encompassing over 175 individual output channels over a fully digital audio networked system, using eleven VMO16 audio matrix processors.

Over 175 outputs of NST DSP take immaculate care of the audio.

The entire system can be controlled and monitored in a variety of ways, from control room PCs to Macs or iPads, or even remote wall panels for very localised adjustments.  Integration with Crestron allows non-technical staff to reconfigure the venue using scene changes via a bespoke touchscreen interface and make live adjustments to area levels and source levels if required.

Crestron control of the system for non-technical users, plus just three of the eleven VMO16s in the system!

Dan Cartman, owner of NST Audio, visited the club this summer and was bowled over by the scale and attention to detail of the entire installation – facilitated by Coherent Distribution based in Chicago and managed by Sound Investment, with Daniel Agne being lead designer and John Stevens handling installation.

“The quality of the install work, and the final outcome is so incredible, it should almost be a showpiece for the guests to see!” he enthused.  “It shows that installation audio can achieve magnificent results, in terms of sound quality and workmanship.”

John Stevens commented on the practicalities of the install, and the final outcome. “We are really proud of the final result at Tao Beach – it was such a pleasure to be creating a cutting-edge system both in terms of technology deployed and performance.  As far as the tech goes, we had multiple rack rooms with processing, control and amplification, and there was something very satisfying about knowing there would be no audio performance losses, especially from FOH, due to the extensive use of Dante.  The venue is becoming known as the best sounding system in Vegas and has raised the bar on all venues, not just day clubs.”

Last word goes to Dan:  “Tao Beach really are true to their word when they say they ‘deliver premium entertainment experiences’ “.

[featured image courtesy of TaoBeach.com]

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