Nestled in the hills of Malibu, California, Malibu Wine Safari has become a popular destination for wine tasting aboard an open-top safari vehicle, while touring the historic 1,000-acre Saddlerock Ranch.

Malibu Wine Safari features numerous tasting locations, four onsite wedding venues, seasonal displays, and an assortment of animals including zebras, water buffalo, llamas, and Los Angeles’ favorite giraffe, Stanley.




  • High fidelity performance and sound
  • Even, balanced coverage throughout each installation location
  • Aesthetic that would blend in with the landscape
  • Weatherproof solutions to withstand the elements


With private events, tour groups, and animal encounters occurring simultaneously, the challenge was to deliver high quality sound at consistent sound levels throughout the premises, while ensuring volume levels were comfortable to listen to from any location.

Speakers also had to operate under extreme weather conditions as all installations would be outdoors. The team at Malibu Wine Safari knew that they needed even, balanced sound coverage and high-quality audio to elevate the unique experience that they offer. That’s when they reached out to LVX Marketing, the Sonance Southwest commercial manufacturer’s representative, to find an ideal commercial integrator for this project. Quiet Voice Audio in Valley Center, California were soon awarded this project, and turned to Sonance for their highly acclaimed outdoor audio solutions.


“After meeting with the team at Malibu Wine Safari and discussing their needs, we started to build out the first installation. Before the first install was even finished, the team at Malibu was so impressed with the outcome that they were discussing other locations on the property that they wanted to fill with Sonance audio.”

“The interesting part of what Sonance provided was the ability to provide coverage solutions for each individual application. We were able to tailor the speaker coverage and make it fit the needs of each space.”

 – Barry DeHart President, Quiet Voice Audio


Professional audio integration is more than merely filling a space with sound. It’s a tangible design element and a critical part of the space’s environment that is meant to create a mood and elevate the senses without distracting from the designer’s vision and aesthetic goals. For over 30 years, the architectural speaker pioneers at Sonance have continually explored and refined the fine art of musical fidelity within a designed space, with their series of award-winning in-wall and in-ceiling  speakers.

“We wanted to create a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else and make that experience as immersive as possible. The vision for this install was to mix technology and sound with each of the different environments so that regardless of where guests were on the property, the sound would be evenly dispersed and comfortable to listen to. We ultimately decided to use Sonance because of the unmatched quality and performance. We did a demo beforehand with other speakers and none of them compared to what Sonance products had to offer. We are really excited about the outcome and how it has elevated the entire experience for our guests.”

 – Colton Semler Creative Director, Malibu Wine Safari


From the immersive seasonal Light Tunnel experience, to numerous safari vehicles and multiple wedding venues throughout the property, the Malibu Wine Safari installation consists of 50 4.5” Satellite Speakers, 18 6.5” Satellite Speakers and seven 12” in-ground Subwoofers throughout the over 1,000-acre attraction to deliver perfectly even coverage and sound quality throughout each space. Additionally, Mariner speakers were mounted on all open-top safari vehicles to provide an immersive experience as guests explore the property. The Mariners’ IP-66 weatherproof construction safeguards the speakers against moisture and the elements. The placement of speakers throughout the property provides an impactful yet comfortable listening experience to help make each visit nothing short of magical.


LS4T SAT Speaker

LS12T SUB Subwoofer

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