Dante On-Ramp: A CONNECT SERIES Walkthrough Guide

With the ease, reliability, and cost-savings of Audinate’s Dante technology, it’s no wonder that Dante networking continues to define the standard for AV installers across the globe. We knew this when we designed our CONNECTSERIES amplifiers, which is why we created a completely separate family of Dante-enabled models. But we also wanted our products to push the boundaries and give integrators/installers a tool that can truly benefit their systems and processes. So, we created our Dante On-Ramp feature.

With Dante On-Ramp, all the analog input signals that are sent into the amplifier, go into the input matrix which is configurable through our Cloud or Web UI, and the signals are also automatically sent to the transmitter channels on the Dante Broadway module that is built into our Dante CONNECTSERIES amplifiers. This allows users to take any analog input, and route it via Dante to share with other Dante-enabled devices.

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