Founder & CEO, LEA Professional – Blake Augsburger Spotlight

These spotlights have introduced you to the members of our team over the past year and a half. We think it’s important that you have the opportunity to know a little about the people that make up our company and our products. We’re all passionate about audio and we all are extremely specialized in our roles. And each of these roles work together, not only in the sense of running a business, but also on a intimate, personal level each and every day. We have a unique team in a unique situation. If you haven’t gotten familiar with our team members yet, you can hear from each of them in our Employee Spotlight blog segment.

But today, we’re going to introduce you to someone who likely doesn’t need an introduction. This is the person who imagined our company and brought it to life. Today, we are proud to dive a bit deeper with our Founder & CEO, Blake Augsburger

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