Lea Amps For Brew Pub & Grill | The Trap North

When The Trap North decided to amp up the dining experience with top-notch vibes, their team turned to LEA Professional’s Connect Series amplifiers and popular Cloud platform to deliver sound as impeccable as the menu.


🏢 Venue: The Trap North | Smithfield, Rhode Island

👷‍♂️ Integrators: SoundFX

🎶 Audio Spaces: Vestibule, private dining area, the outdoor bar, and outdoor section

🦈 Product Used: Connect Series 704 (3) & Connect Series 168 (1)


Inside the rustic walls of The Trap North, guests enjoy delicious food, great company, and, most importantly, outstanding entertainment. The Smithfield, Rhode Island restaurant prides itself on its unique and mouth-watering menu that puts a twist on traditional pub fare with distinctive flavor concepts and pairings.


Visiting The Trap North on any Wednesday through Saturday night gives guests an unforgettable dining experience. With live music playing throughout the restaurant, the food isn’t the only star of the night. To ensure every note is heard throughout the restaurant’s spacious interior and, in the summer months, on the outdoor patio, The Trap North contacted Mark D’Elia at SoundFX in West Warwick, RI. With over 30 years of experience in AV integration, SoundFX is the leading provider of AV solutions for businesses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

“I like to design systems that don’t require service calls on weekends,” said D’Elia. “So I try to come up with something that I think will be super easy to use, very reliable, and can be fixed if I’m not physically onsite. LEA Professional is that system. The LEA Cloud allows me to troubleshoot from anywhere and has made a drastic difference in my response times, it’s improved the entire experience.”

D’Elia specified three Connect Series 704 4-channel amplifiers with 700 watts per channel, and one Connect Series 168 8-channel amplifier with 160 watts per channel, along with utilizing the LEA Cloud platform. As part of the Network Connect Series, the world’s first Internet of Things- (IoT) enabled professional-grade amplifiers, the CS704 and CS168 are perfectly suited for small to medium-scale installations such as The Trap North. 

To accommodate every area in the restaurant, the sound system can be remotely controlled by a staff member in each zone with strategically placed controllers. This way, one host can control the outdoor sections, vestibule, and the private dining area, while another host controls their section and the outdoor bar. 


D’Elia has specified LEA Professional amplifiers in several installations, all with rave reviews, and plans to continue using the technology in the future. He notes LEA Professional’s quality among the top reasons he has chosen to standardize upon them. “We chose LEA because of their quality, reliability, and flexibility. We like the fact that you get a ton of power. There’s a ton of good sound quality coming out of these amps, and it can’t be beat.”

“The Trap North atmosphere is absolutely electric during the night, and the live entertainment backed by a great audio system design and installation is responsible for that,” said Brian Pickowitz, VP of Marketing at LEA Professional. “This venue perfectly represents how pristine audio can bring people together, and we’re honored to have contributed to The Trap North and SoundFX’s success.”

We would like to thank everyone at The Trap North and SoundFX for choosing LEA on this install and we hope to provide quality sound at Inside Out for many years to come.

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