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In the heart of Kuala Lumpur lies a new community and cultural hub, REXKL. In part of their mission to rejuvenate the theatre, they ultimately decided to go with LEA Professional to help create immersive experiences.

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🏢 Venue: REXKL | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

👷‍♂️ Integrator: Acoustic & Lighting System

🎶 Audio Spaces: REXPERIENCE Center

🦈 Product Used: CONNECTSERIES  Mixture 704D (5) & 1504D (2)


The two-story, 60,000-square-foot building features retail shops and restaurants in the basement and a picturesque bookstore and exhibition space on the upper floor. Shin Tseng and Shin Chang, the creative entrepreneurs who helped reimagine the Rex, wanted the new space to be a unique, immersive performance venue. Featuring the original theater’s brick and exposed structure, it is now a modern, industrial marvel that hosts performers and exhibitors. With a desire for the space to captivate guests with vivid visuals and audio for the reopening and reinvention.


The venue management team’s broad vision for immersive exhibitions meant the new RXP AV system needed to be flexible enough to meet the most demanding, highest-quality audio needs for immersive musical and visual performances, plus more basic productions, including corporate events and DJ shows. “The multidimensional nature of the events held in the RXP venue meant we needed to recommend a system that we could scale and adapt as needed,” said Eugene Yeo, Owner of Acoustic & Lighting System. “We’ve had a lot of success with LEA products and felt they were a perfect fit for RXP because they could provide the power, performance, and reliability needed.”

Set in a former movie theater, RXP reimagines the legacy of the Rex cinema space by bringing in a new, cutting-edge digital art experience. As the first immersive venue in Malaysia, the venue team wanted to get the details right and spent over a year planning, working with the participating visual artists, and designing the spatial audio tracks. The immersive environment includes 18 projectors mapping visual elements on the walls and floor, while the spatial audio design required that the venue be fully modeled in 3D.

Eighteen compact two-way loudspeakers, backed by four subwoofers, are strategically located throughout the RXP to provide the spatial audio listening experience. To help meet the range of audio needs, Acoustic & Lighting chose a combination of two of LEA Professional’s Connect Series 1504D and five Connect Series 704D for the digital art experience. The 1504Ds power the subwoofers, while the 704Ds support the two-way loudspeakers. Both models include 96 kHz-capable Dante and AES67 connectivity options.

The REXKL team recognized the invaluable advantages of leveraging the LEA Cloud for this installation. Whether operating within the confines of REXKL or remotely from another continent, the ability to control the Connect Series amplifiers from a distance will significantly enhance the team’s efficiency. This not only minimizes the need for extensive travel but also results in substantial time and cost savings.


The REXKL has become a destination point for locals and a must-see spot for tourists. It’s also a state-of-the-art performance center delivering the highest quality audio performance for every event. “Since opening, the “Other World” immersive experience in the RXP has really put the audio system to the test,” said Brian Pickowitz, VP of Marketing at LEA Professional. “Creating an art exhibition that sparks discovery and inspiration among art lovers and bringing the venue back to life in such a unique way is incredibly meaningful and one we were proud to be part of.”

We would like to thank the teams at REXKL and Acoustic & Lighting System for choosing our amps for this installation and we hope to provide quality sound for many years to come.

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