Martin Audio’s long-term Czech and Slovakian distributor, Rock Centrum, has announced a strategic Wavefront Precision line array sale — to local rental company, AudiologicPRO

This young rental company, coincidentally also based in the city of Martin, already had experience of Martin Audio technology and has been growing rapidly, with its reputation spreading throughout both the Czech and Slovak markets, in all performance sectors.

According to Rock Centrum’s Peter Foldvari, joint partners, Branislav Gombarský and Tomáš Hruška, wanted the manufacturer’s latest line array series as they believed Martin Audio’s optimised line array technology to be the best in the world.

“We conducted a few demos at our Czech base in Prague and invited them,” he reports. “We then had long discussions about which system they needed, as they already had experience with legendary systems such as W8, W8LC and W8LM. Finally they opted for WPC.

Photo (left to right): Branislav Gombarský and Tomáš Hruška

“Of course they also considered other brands, but based on previous cooperation and the result of the soundchecks they quickly returned to WPC because of the core optimisation technology.”

AudiologicPRO’s initial purchase is for 12 enclosures, giving them hangs of six elements per side, but this will increase further for the summer season, along with iKON iK42 amplifiers. This will complement their existing classic Martin Audio W8LM, W8VDQ and a W8C / WSX rig.

Regarding the purchase, Branislav Gombarský stated, “The best possible sound performance was in our company already — and that’s why we decided to expand our Martin Audio portfolio with the latest WPC.

“This is a natural result of maximum satisfaction with the use of our older Martin Audio systems which enabled us to provide a number of memorable music productions.

“During our 15 years’ experience in this business, we have come into contact with the W8LC and W8LM systems several times and that is why we now believe in the technologically advanced WPC. Aside from its technology, a clear benefit is its compactness, weight and especially its efficiency in large concert halls and spaces.

“Saving space in the truck and the load-bearing capacity are, I think, key issues in these times. And the technical progress of optimisation in the DISPLAY software, which is miles ahead of the classic line array principals, we don’t even have to talk about!

“I would like to thank Rock Centrum Slovakia and Peter Foldvári in particular for the sensitive way in which they approached the negotiations leading up to this sale.”

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