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A Wavefront Precision line array forms the centrepiece of a new AV upgrade at the Discover Church in Milwaukee, specified and installed by Martin Audio partner Avenue Systems.

The expanding ministry has undergone several campus extensions since 1969, culminating in a major renovation in 2022, which included the sanctuary. Avenue Systems were part of that renovation process. “This is the project that allowed for the installation of the new Martin Audio rig,” confirms founder and CEO, David Price. “We helped coordinate the design and integration for the newly renovated space.”

Avenue Systems were tasked with undertaking a full AV makeover of the main worship area and video control room, installing new audio, lighting, video, control and acoustical systems for every aspect of the main auditorium’s AV.

Explaining the requirement in more detail, Price confirmed that the PA would need sufficient versatility to reinforce typical modern worship, with full band, plus occasional choir and orchestra for special occasions in a room seating a little over 1800 congregants. “The church also conducts several special musical events throughout the year and hosts a smattering of professional Christian music artists and large conferences,” he added.

Martin Audio’s market leading Wavefront Precision line array was deemed best fit for purpose. “Although [the client] did not have prior experience we were able to arrange a demo for them before the renovation which helped facilitate a worship conference they were hosting in the space.


Danelle Yacco, Technical Director, Discover Church

“The demo is clearly what won the project. They were blown away by the clarity and performance of the system. It provided the necessary output for the special event, but using it over the weekend also displayed for them how well it performed even at lower levels for their regular weekend experience.”

Avenue Systems have been recommending Martin Audio solutions for several years. Their first project was a small CDD system for a client in Clearwater, FL. back in 2017. “We were immediately compelled by the performance and price point of the system so that Martin quickly became a staple for us in projects across the country.”

This grew in size and potency to the large system now deployed at the Discover Church.

Designed and optimised by the Avenue Systems technical team it comprises: 16 flown WPS (eight per side) as a stereo main array; 16 flown WPM (eight per side) as outfill arrays for the raked seating; a pair of flown SXH218 cardioid subwoofer arrays (each with three SXH218 elements) and eight of the popular DD6 front fill speakers, stationed on the lip of the stage. Finally, a pair of Martin Audio LE200 wedges provide the pastor with reference monitor sound.

All arrays are powered by Martin Audio’s iKON multi-channel process amplifiers in the optimum 1-box resolution—iK81s assigned to the arrays/fills and iK42s to the subwoofer arrays.

Visualisation and optimisation were carried out by a combination of Martin Audio’s DISPLAY2 and 3 proprietary software, along with EASE. “The system performed incredibly well … virtually straight out of the box,” said Price. “We did adjust the optimisation slightly to ‘hard avoid’ the balcony face, which added some additional clarity and minimized some odd reflections.”

Explaining his philosophy regarding room acoustics, he said, “The RT of the space was initially not bad—at roughly 1.75 seconds. The church did want to add some treatment to lower it to 1.5 or slightly less, but didn’t want to lose the character of the space they had come to know. They are a ‘spirit-filled’ congregation and value the congregational participation. It was a factor knowing that they didn’t want to ‘over treat’ the room. I knew the optimisation would be a great way to compensate for acoustical treatment by instead optimising the coverage. Although this was an unusual-shaped room, the rig handled it beautifully.”

The Church’s technical director Danelle Yacco agreed. “The Martin Audio system has proven to be a worthwhile investment for our church. We have noticed a dramatic improvement in sound quality, allowing for a truly immersive worship experience. The sound is clear and consistent, providing even coverage throughout the building—from the front row to the back, and up to the gallery.”

In summary, David Price praised the support of Martin Audio’s Joe Lima and Martha Callaghan. “They did an amazing job in helping to provide the demo system. The tech support from Martin Audio is always top notch.”

Martin Audio


In an evolving post-pandemic world, Martin Audio has continued to keep ahead of the curve in its method of introducing new products to a global customer base.

It has revisited the successful formula first introduced at the recent ISE 2023 show in Barcelona—whereby non-attendees could share the same product launch experience as those who made the trip to Barcelona … except in the virtual world. As a result, the company has laid out its stall for a similar online experience in advance of its now firmly established biannual open days. These will take place at their High Wycombe HQ, the difference this time being that the visitor experience will take place within the company’s newly refurbished facility.

“The international launch of our new TORUS 8 in Barcelona was very much an experiment in the way we presented new products to both the market and the media,” said Director of Marketing, James King. “Fortunately both the real-world attendance at our booth and our demo room, alongside the number of logins and catch-up replays to the two streamed events fully vindicated our decision and far exceeded expectations.

“It therefore makes perfect sense to repeat the successful formula to combine our celebrated UK Open Days with a curtain raiser online Special Launch Event, a week before.”

The online event is scheduled for April 12, when, as previously, separate sessions are scheduled for 8am and 4pm (GMT). The Open Days then take place on April 18-19 where visitors can experience the entire suite of new products previewed a week earlier at the online event.

It promises to be a packed showcase, running constantly from 9.30am through to 5.00pm on both days. In addition to the highly acclaimed TORUS 8, which picked up the coveted ‘Best In Show’ award at ISE—along with its matched flown cardioid SXCF115 subwoofer—products from Focusrite Group partners, Linea Research, Focusrite Pro and Optimal Audio will be on view. The presentation will conclude with a crescendo of Martin Audio’s latest systems.

Visitors can register for a day pass leaving flexibility for when they wish to arrive and leave.

Summarising, James King said, “We now see this style of presentation as the future for us going forward, as momentum within the company reaches an unprecedented high. Customer flexibility is paramount in our minds, and this provides the opportunity for the Martin Audio community globally to attend a mini-exhibition … whether virtually or in person.”

UK Open Days Location: Martin Audio HQ. Century Point, Halifax Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3SL. UK.


Online Launch Event

UK Open Days

Martin Audio


The story of Hitler’s first defeat in the Second World War is depicted in the stunning new Netflix film,Narvik. This is named after the small town in Northern Norway where the Norwegian army and the Allies fought and won the first battle against Germany.

The world premiere was naturally held in Narvik itself with a big outdoor cinema especially created in the town square, which was free for everyone. The realism of the battle, and the associated sound effects, were authentically captured by a Martin Audio Wavefront Precision line array deployment in 5.1 surround, in a completely unique and unprecedented production.

Stein Hjertholm from the event production company All-In, originally contacted Thomas Nordvik Olsen from Audiolight in Harstad and he, in turn, asked if Øystein Wierli, Head of Sound at Atendi, Martin Audio’s Norwegian distributor, could act as consultant. This was because such an undertaking had never been attempted before, let alone for a movie world premiere in a town centre.

“We had no hesitation in jumping straight in,” exclaimed Wierli. “But when we actually started thinking about it, we had two main challenges. Aside from the fact that this was a first for an outdoor cinema in this format, it was also planned for mid-December.”

He was well aware that temperatures in the Arctic Circle at this time of year are generally down to below -20°C. “If you are lucky, you only get a metre of snow in a day! So not only was the production ambitious in the first place, but the weather was certainly a wild factor as well.”

On the day itself the temperatures were somewhat kinder and the weather clear. “It was only -10°C … obviously still cold for an outdoor cinema, but those who were dressed for the occasion had the opportunity to witness a historical event—and right on the exact same ground where history had taken place over 80 years earlier.

However, there had also been further hiccups. The premiere had been originally set to take place in December 2021, until the pandemic rendered this impossible. An attempt was made to reschedule to March 2022 but the war in Ukraine then posed ethical questions on whether it was appropriate to show war scenes in such a format. “So the production moved on once more,” continued Wierli, “and finally on December 11 last year it went ahead.”

Øystein Wierli was on site supervising and tuning the Wavefront Precision to perfection. “They needed to make sure the PA system would do justice to the film’s massive soundscape. The soundtrack was created to match the actual scenes and sounds from 1940. It was both frightening, and at the same time authentic.”

To achieve this a total of 36 WPC elements and 18 SXH218 subwoofers were deployed, in 5.1 configuration, powered by 16 iKON iK42 multi-channel DSP amplifiers. Audiolight provided the PA and crew to rig the WPC / SXH218 system.

“The biggest problem beside temperature and snow was to create a phantom centre channel, as a centre hang of speakers was impossible,” Øystein Wierli admits.

Summarising the success of the event, he concludes, “We don’t think anyone around the centre of Narvik would have missed the explosions and other hard hitting sound effects.” But for those that wanted something softer, as a bonus there was also a family-friendly film and kids’ afternoon on the same day.

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One of India’s fastest growing live event service providers, Global Production Services (GPS), has added a Martin Audio WPC line array to its inventory. In so doing it has become the first company in India to invest in the company’s market-leading Wavefront Precision Compact line array, with its scalable resolution.

The system was supplied, and will be supported by Vardhaman Megatech Pvt Ltd (VMT), Martin Audio’s Indian distributor.

GPS has built a formidable reputation for providing superlative sound reinforcement solutions for live events across the state of Maharashtra over many years, with the company’s portfolio spanning prominent Bollywood music events, award ceremonies, political rallies, corporate functions and more as well as conventional live gigs.

“We have always placed great pride in the quality of technical equipment and expertise that we provide for our shows,” states GPS director Saurabh Ayare. “We’d been wanting to expand our inventory for some time and after experiencing WPC we knew right away that this system would be the perfect addition to our inventory. We were extremely impressed with the quality of sound and SPL that the system is capable of delivering, despite its compact form factor—and this helped us double-down on our decision to go ahead with the purchase.”


Saurabh Ayarel, Director, Global Production Services (GPS)

As the first phase of procurement, GPS has acquired eight WPC line array modules, along with four SX218 matching subwoofers and three advanced iK42 four-channel DSP power amplifiers. The rental company wasted no time in deploying its new system at the prestigious 37th Foundation Day Celebrations of Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of India’s leading corporate banking and finance institutions, that took place in Mumbai.

“It was great training Saurabh’s team at the VMT office in Mumbai,” stated Tony Sawyer, Applications Manager of Generation AV, who represent Martin Audio across Asia Pacific. “WPC is supremely compact and lightweight, making it an absolute dream to work with from a logistical point of view. The GPS team is now ready to tackle any challenges put in front of them from a system deployment perspective.”

Added Generation AV India director, Prashant Govindan, “GPS is a premier sound rental company, with one of the best teams of technicians and engineers in India. Now, with the inclusion of WPC they have the capacity to really flaunt their technical prowess. There is an evident buzz in the market about WPC and we hope to do more to introduce the Indian touring market to small form factor line arrays such as this, by building awareness and education.”

“Saurabh and the team at GPS will join a growing network of WPC users,” affirms Generation AV managing director, David McKinney. “Martin Audio has become one of the fastest growing brands globally, and along with our rental partners and VMT we are certain to create a strong touring network in India.”

VMT are equally positive. Kekul Sheth, head of sales, VMT Distribution, notes that “the team at GPS had the expertise to set-up and deploy the system quickly and correctly on-field [at the launch event]. Therefore it becomes clear that the synergy created by GPS and WPC is head and shoulders above the rest in its class.”

And the final word comes from VMT’s national sales manager, Jeff Mandot who confirms that following the successful induction of WPC, GPS is now poised to acquire a similar configuration system by early in the year. “This means that by April 2023, they will have a total of 16 WPC line array modules and eight SX218 subwoofers. This will enable GPS to deploy their expanded WPC system for mid-scale music concerts and similar premium live events.”

Photo one personnel: Swapnil Mendon (L) and Saurabh Ayare (R) from GPS

Photo two: Training day at Vardhaman’s premises in Mumbai

Martin Audio


Since opening in 1985, Antiknock has become a hall of fame for punk and hardcore bands, and many of today’s major artists originally set down their roots there. Now the venue, situated in the burgeoning Shinjuku district of Tokyo, has become the first in Japan to install Martin Audio’s new TORUS constant curvature array.

Speaking of the installation, Mr. Sekikawa, CEO of Hardaway Corporation, which manages the venue, said the renewal of the sound system was a gift to the many artists and patrons who volunteered to sell T-shirts and make donations to keep the venue alive during the COVID pandemic. “This was my first thought when trying to thank them all for their cooperation during those difficult times,” he said.

The system previously installed had been huge and featured old long-throw cabinets. Their disproportionate size not only made the stage looked small, but the clarity of the low end during live performances left much to be desired.

When seeking a replacement system, there were several key criteria that needed to be met: these included being suitable for multi-genres, with a reasonable size footprint, and offering good stability.

Mr. Hashimoto, of Enter Sandman, who designed the new system, explained the rationale. “Having had a relationship with Antiknock for 10 years, I was able to determine several important factors. One was the theme of the venue, bearing in mind the type of bands who perform there. Another was the physical shape of the venue and the construction of the building, as well as the size of the loudspeakers. And finally, of course, there was the capability of the loudspeaker itself.


Mr. Yanagisawa, Venue Manager, Antiknock

“A speaker with medium-throw capability would fulfil the demands of this venue and match the concept perfectly—and the new TORUS was the obvious solution.”

As a result, he specified a pair of T1215 onto two SXCF118 subwoofers per side, in a simple ground stacked configuration. Mr. Hashimoto confirmed that the height of the system had been carefully pre-arranged so that the size issue was resolved while achieving the optimum quality of sound.

As TORUS has three compression drivers which have 35mm voice coils, he knew it would be sufficiently powerful for loud bands performing at Antiknock, while rasping lead vocals could be reproduced in the mix with vastly improved intelligibility.

One challenge was the siting of the PA itself. Since sight lines on the audience floor are obscured by columns and joists, and the floor level increases at the rear, the loudspeakers needed to be set inside the stage area.

But TORUS is nothing but versatile, and can be flown from the T12GRID inverted, to allow stereo arrays to be mirrored with the high frequency horn either to the left or the right. This would maintain both the intelligibility, and the wide Left/Right separation.

During the initial simulations, Martin Audio’s DISPLAY3—its proprietary 3D prediction software—was used to great extent by Mr. Hashimoto, with optimum results.

He goes on to explain, “TORUS has a unique feature in that we could easily change the waveguide’s dispersion between 30-45 degree. We could also change the dispersion, setting the horn asymmetrically to avoid unnecessary reflections from the wall.”

Due to Antiknock’s unique shape this solution worked well, as DISPLAY3 can simulate different settings of the horn graphically,” said Takahisa Ota, from Martin Audio Japan.

The multi-genre mode could be achieved by using the Lake controller to tune the system, by engaging the relevant saved presets to easily change the tuning.

“Antiknock is the venue where loud rock bands choose to perform, and this is reflected in the high SPL,” adds Mr. Kunii, the venue’s operator. “However, the sound from the new system is always clear and transparent, and I have never felt tired. The audience also tell me that despite the volume, they feel comfortable and excited.” ‘Excitement’ and ‘clarity’ are two features that don’t usually co-exist comfortably, he emphasises.

The final word came from venue manager, Mr. Yanagisawa. “A live venue such as this cannot survive on reputation or culture alone. The sound system is a good additional solution and we believe TORUS can adapt to the many demands placed on it. Consequently, we believe it will help us rebuild the live scene.”

Martin Audio


Back in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Martin Audio unveiled their first constant curvature loudspeaker array, TORUS, featuring two variants T1215 and T1230. The products went on to be a stellar success, outstripping the company’s initial projections by 400%. It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that via an online special event and at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, Martin Audio unveiled a smaller addition to the series, TORUS 8 (or T820 as the individual model is known).

T820 is a passive, two-way loudspeaker engineered for small to medium-scale applications which do not call for the longer throw capabilities of a line array. With exceptional ease-of-use, scalability and deployment flexibility, it is primarily used as an array element in vertical constant curvature arrays as well as being used singly as a point-source loudspeaker. In venues with short throws, yet high ceilings —as is the case in some theatres—a horizontal centre cluster may also be a practical solution.

T820 combines impressive output capability, superb sonic performance and a defined 100° by 20° coverage pattern, all from a very compact enclosure that weighs just 14kg. Its small size and portability extend its range of applications from live sound and permanent installations to corporate events, gigging musicians and DJ’s.


Dom Harter, Managing Director, Martin Audio

A phase plug is mounted in front of an 8” neodymium driver to increase mid-band sensitivity while two 1” exit, 1.4” voice coil high temperature polymer dome neodymium compression drivers ensure sonic performance is not compromised, even when driven at higher SPL. That higher SPL can be as much as 130dB.

TORUS 8 comes in a plywood cabinet, finished in hardwearing PU paint, and incorporates two pocket handles for easy installation and deployment, as well as fixings for pole-mounting. Rigging hardware and accessories are suitable for installation and touring applications and supports up to six cabinets in vertical or horizontal array configurations. It can also be teamed with the newly announced cardioid subwoofer partner, SXCF115, that features a forward facing 15” driver and a 12” rear facing driver capable of 137dB peak.

TORUS 8 feature two NL4 connectors with passive configuration using pins 1+ 1- or 2+ 2-, selected via a rear-mounted switch, and the systems are powered by Martin Audio iKON amplifiers, which support VU-NET control software and Dante® integration. TORUS 8 also feature a LED indicator that can be illuminated via VU-NET software to identify its location on the network. Finally, systems can be modelled in 3D with optimising filters to deliver consistent and defined coverage, using DISPLAY 3 software.

Commenting on the announcement, Managing Director, Dom Harter said, “2023 is going to be one of our most prolific years ever for new launches and so we are delighted to announce the first of our new products in TORUS 8 and its cardioid subwoofer partner, SXCF115. The overwhelming success of the existing TORUS 12 and subwoofer partner, SXCF118, gives us great confidence that these latest releases will be snapped up by system integrators and rental partners alike.”

The new products can be seen at ISE in Hall 7, stand H200, and heard in Martin Audio’s dedicated demo room, F1 in Hall 8, with all details of the products on their website.

Martin Audio


PXL Media, a leader in large format LED screen rentals, recently forayed into the professional touring audio domain by adding Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision (WPL) line array to its inventory. In so doing, they have become India’s first WPL users.

A production house known across South India for its prowess in LED screens, PXL Media launched SXL—a division centered around providing exceptional touring audio systems to audiences. “Together with VXL (Video) and LXL (Lights) we can provide a complete solution to our customers,” says Pratheesh Michael, CEO, PXL Media. This purchase also helps Pixel Media make its mark as a significant player in the touring industry in Kerala, one of the fastest growing events and touring markets in India. “We will quickly expand into all of South India soon,” promises Pratheesh.

“PXL Media believes in investing in top-level gear to match international standards. Martin Audio’s reputation in the market is exemplary. We are proud to be associated as their first WPL users. We wanted to invest in a system that delivers top-notch performance, is rider friendly, ensures efficiency and functionality, while being flexible and scalable,” says Sachin Babu, Sound Engineer, PXL Media. “Martin Audio was perfect for this.”

The system inventory for Pixel Media includes the WPL 3-way bi-amp, 2 x 12” large format line-array elements, with the globally renowned dual 18” horn-loaded SXH 218 subwoofers. The system is powered by two racks consisting of Martin Audio’s iKON iK42 amplifiers, network switches, signal and power distros.


Sachin Babu, Sound Engineer, PXL Media

Tony Sawyer, Applications Manager at Generation AV, Martin Audio’s APAC sales representative, conducted the initial software and rigging training at the PXL warehouse in Kochi. “Martin Audio has always prioritized training and support. We ensure that our touring partners are taken care of and that their purchase is protected. The team at PXL are exceptional learners and will soon be a force to reckon with,” continues Sawyer.

Prashant Govindan, Director, Generation AV India, agrees. “Pixel Media has big plans and has taken a bold first step by launching with the WPL. We are excited by the possibilities that this opens up for them, and all at Martin Audio and Generation AV are here to support and help them with their growth.”

“The team at VMT [Martin Audio’s Indian distribution partner] is highly approachable and supportive. They go out of their way to help us, whether industry related or not. Their pricing structure is business friendly and allows us to plan our growth systematically,” adds Pratheesh.

“It was great working with the PXL team throughout the sale, and we continue to back them with all the support. Pratheesh, Biju, Sachin, Kiran and team have a long way to go and team VMT wishes them all the luck with their current system and the many more systems to come,” says Jeff Mandot, National Sales Manager, VMT.

“We are very happy to have team PXL onboard with us. With VMT, we are building a strong sales and support network for Martin Audio in India, that will offer the best in the touring and installation sound markets,” says David McKinney, Managing Director, Generation AV.

Photo personnel –

Left to Right: Jeff Mandot (Vardhaman), Kekul Sheth (Vardhaman), Pratheesh Michal (PXL)

Martin Audio


CCCP conducts full AV integration at Green Bay music venue, run by volunteers

Some 33 years after it was founded, the 550-seat CupOJoy live music venue in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has taken delivery of its first permanently installed sound system in the larger space within the two-auditorium venue to which it relocated two years ago (having successively occupied two previous locations).

Part of a complete audio-visual fit-out masterminded by local system integrators CCCP (Camera Corner), a cutting-edge Martin Audio Wavefront Precision WPS line array was specified after careful evaluation against other leading brands.

Since the facility—whose mission is to be a family-friendly venue, offering ‘music that inspires’—is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, the two-year fund-raising programme, leading up to the investment, required an outcome that would please operators and donors alike. And the WPS has certainly delivered.

As CupOJoy’s Technical Director, Mark Berg, put it, “When we fired up the PA for the first time before the launch event I was flabbergasted by the quality of the sound, and [CupOJoy director], Jan Oettinger, said she was moved to tears. After the benefit concert two days later, multiple people came up, including one of our donors, stating that it sounded ‘amazing’.”

As this is the first sound system installed in the main space, in view of the size and scope of the room, it presented a major challenge, confirmed Oettinger.


Mark Berg, Technical Director, CupOJoy

Reviewing the process that had led to this deployment, she explained that three potential vendors had been interviewed. “When we compared the different proposals, we felt Martin Audio offered the expediency of delivery, was rider friendly and provided better value for money.”

CCCP had been more transparent than the others, she said “and laid it right out there. They also took us to another venue where they had installed WPM [Martin Audio’s smaller format line array] so we could hear the sound.” And that became the deal maker.

CCCP had previously worked with Martin Audio point source systems for a couple of years with the WPM installation marking their first Martin Audio line array experience. They too offered several alternative, rider friendly brands for evaluation prior to the Martin Audio solution being adopted. But the operators were in no doubt. “We had done our own research, both online and talking to FOH engineers we know, and received a lot of positive feedback,” continued Jan Oettinger, who has been at CupOJoy virtually since the beginning.

“Besides, having experienced other sound systems in the room with touring artists’ own production we felt like the Martin Audio sound was superior to anything we had heard in the room previously.”

CCCP’s Steve Littlepage was tech head and system designer. He detailed two WPS line array hangs, seven elements per side, driven in single box resolution from two Martin Audio iKON iK81 amplifiers (with channel 8 of each iK81 used to drive DD6 front fills). These are set either at the edge of the stage, or operate on a thrust with a different system preset. Four SX218 subwoofers, driven by the iK42, are flown in an end-fire configuration and aligned with the arrays.

Mark Berg pointed out further advantages of reduced real estate in having the iKON multi-channel, process-controlled amps. “It means we can run the entire system off just three amps instead of many more required in the rack with the other two systems [we reviewed]. It was one of the main selling points of the system.”

But given present supply problems, the fact that all this ordinance was delivered to site for the opening benefit concert, said Littlepage, had been due to the efforts of Martin Audio’s Martha Callaghan. “She was amazing—she went above and beyond to get everything to us in time.”

In terms of system set-up and optimisation, the CCCP engineer said this couldn’t have been easier using Martin Audio’s DISPLAY 2 and 3 software (for 3D modelling of the space). This was backed up by EASE plots, which lined up perfectly with Martin Audio’s modelling, he said.

As part of the requirement, CCCP also provided new projector, screen and PTZ cameras, and created a flexible infrastructure for touring productions to patch into the system with their control. Crucially, this will also be networked to CupOJoy’s smaller 200-cap venue across the hall, where an appropriate PA is installed. A Q-SYS backbone provides system flexibility between Performance mode for concerts and a Presentation mode via touch panel or iPad app, for corporate events.

Reflecting on the installation, Mark Berg summarises as follows: “Anyone that’s already heard [WPS] loves it. I can’t imagine anyone not being enamoured.”

This sentiment is endorsed by Jan Oettinger. In conclusion she says, “The new sound system means the world to us and will make a huge difference to our programming, as I can now plan bigger. When [acts] walk into the room now, they know they can leave their production on the bus!”

Photo credit: Scott Eastman (Great Scott Images).

Martin Audio


Martin Audio’s Swiss distributor, Go Wild AG, introduced the manufacturer’s TORUS constant curvature array to customers for the first time, when around 20 of the country’s leading rental companies, installers and consultants attended a live demo event, presented by GoWild’s PA specialists, Hubi Knüsel and Dave Spinnler.

TORUS was configured as a DJ set-up consisting of two SXCF118B compact cardioid subs (18in front facing, 14in rear), each with a TORUS T1230 line array on top. This offers a vertical pattern of 30,° with a flexible horizontal pattern that can be manually adjusted between 90°, 60° or 75°.

“We are confident that TORUS can fill the gap between large arrays and point sources in the market,” stated Go Wild’s Head of PA, Patrik Scherrer.

In addition, Go Wild were also able to demonstrate Martin Audio’s WPC line array with WS-218W subs, thanking X-Light & Sound Langenthal for co-organising and providing their own WPC line arrays.

Summing up the success of the event, Patrik Scherrer continued, “The interest was extremely good for this kind of event.

“There was a strong desire to listen to TORUS from rental companies, particularly those that already have Martin Audio arrays in their rental fleets. Our idea was to invite all other interested rental companies and freelancers to share the great performance of these PA systems.”

As a further attraction Martin Audio shared the stage with Allen & Heath, whose product range was introduced by Dave Spinnler.

Martin Audio

PXL Media from Kerala invests in India’s first Martin Audio Wavefront Precision WPL System

Pxl Media

Project ID : #488

City : Mumbai

State : Maharashtra

Type : Touring

Products : WPL, iKON iK42, SXH218

PXL Media – a leader in large format LED screen rentals recently forayed into the Professional Touring Audio domain by adding Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision (WPL) Line Array System to their inventory and thereby becoming India’s first WPL users! A production house known across South India for their prowess in LED screens, PXL Media launched SXL – a division centered around providing exceptional touring audio systems to audiences. “Together with VXL (Video) & LXL (Lights) we can provide a complete solution to our customers” says Pratheesh Micheal, Partner, PXL Media. This purchase also helps Pixel Media make its mark as a significant player in the touring industry in Kerala, one of the fastest growing events and touring markets in India. “We will quickly expand into all of South India soon” adds Pratheesh.
“PXL Media believes in investing in top-level gear to match international standards.Martin Audio’s reputation in the market is exemplary. We are proud to be associatedas their first WPL users. We wanted to invest in a system that delivers top-notch performance is rider friendly, ensures efficiency and functionality while being flexibleand scalable – Martin Audio was perfect for this.”
Sachin, System Engineer, Pxl Media.
“The team at VMT are very approachable and supportive. They go out of their way to help us with their inputs, whether industry related or not. Their pricing structure is business friendly and allows us to plan our growth systematically.”
Pratheesh Micheal, Partner, Pxl Media.
“It was great working with the PXL Team across the sale, and we continue to back them with all the support. Pratheesh, Biju, Sachin, Kiran and team have a long way to go and team VMT wishes them all the luck with their current system and the many more systems to come!”
Jeff Mandot, National Sales Manager, VMT.

The system inventory with Pixel Media includes the WPL – 3-way bi-amp, 2 x 12” large format line-array elements with the globally renowned dual 18” horn-loaded SXH 218 subwoofers. The system is run by two racks consisting of Martin Audio’s iKON iK42 Amplifiers, network switches, signal and power distros.

Tony Sawyer – Applications Manager at Generation AV, Martin Audio’s APAC sales representative, conducted the initial software and rigging training at the PXL Warehouse in Kochi. “Martin Audio has always prioritized training & support. We ensure that our touring partners are taken care of and that their purchase is protected. The team at PXL are exceptional learners and will soon be a force to reckon with!”

Tony Sawyer,

Applications Manager, Generation AV.

“The team at Pixel Media have big plans and have taken a bold first step by launching with the WPL. We are excited by the possibilities that this opens up for PXL Media and all of us at Martin Audio and Generation AV are here to support and help them with their growth”
Prashant Govindan – Director, Generation AV India.
“We are very happy to have team PXL on-board with us. With VMT, we are building a strong sales and support network for Martin Audio in India, that will offer the best in the touring and install sound markets”
David McKinney, Managing Director, Generation AV.