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TAG is now powered by sunshine

AUSTRALIA:  Technical Audio Group is now making carbon neutral deliveries around Sydney with an all-electric, solar charged eight-tonne truck.

Having long wanted to improve the certainty of local deliveries particularly those direct to work sites where access is limited and where timing needs to be flexible and reliable Team TAG researched the options and settled on the SEA 300 EV.

“As a service to our customers we want to guarantee deliveries and we were finding that local couriers just don’t have the flexibility to wait and make sure difficult deliveries are completed,” said TAG warehouse manager, Shane Linfoot. “You can’t blame them they’re on a tight schedule and have to complete their runs, but it doesn’t work when one of our deliveries is critical and that’s why we made the decision to take control of those sort of deliveries ourselves.”

“On paper an eight-tonne electric truck is an eye-watering investment that doesn’t make financial sense,” stated TAG CFO Craig Durrant. “If it was purely a business decision, we wouldn’t have taken the leap but there are much bigger factors at play here, like the environment and the condition of the planet we pass onto the next generation. Every time tag|zero hits the road it serves as a powerful reminder that a carbon neutral solution is not only possible but in fact a serious and viable option. And the lack of exhaust emissions is something everyone out in traffic can enjoy immediately.”

It took 18 months for TAG’s SEA 300 EV to be delivered. The SEA 300 EV utilises a Hino chassis with the diesel engine and gearbox replaced by a SEA-Drive electric power system plus batteries sufficient for a 220km range. The company manufactures around five electric trucks every week at its Dandenong, Victoria facility.

With a 108Kw solar array on its Kings Park warehouse roof, tag|zero is charged directly from the sun. “There’s something beautiful and compelling about turning sunlight into local deliveries.” said Linfoot. “We’re working our solar array pretty hard now with nine electric warehouse vehicles, the odd EV charging up and now tag|zero. Nonetheless if you’re passing by, you’re still very welcome to drop in for some free juice, and if you see tag|zero on the road please give us a wave.”

Martin Audio


As Chris Bogg woke up to photos of his sound equipment across social media, it occurred to him that more than 20 years had elapsed since he set up his fledgling pro-audio business from scratch, in his dad’s garage. This would duly lead, in 2005, to the formation of dBS Solutions—but not before undergoing a mazy journey.

Reflecting on the Matt Goss show at the Royal Albert Hall that had piqued his reaction, he said, “While it’s not the first time we’d been in there with a tour it was certainly a special moment. Another was our first arena tour last year [with kids Nickelodeon TV stars PAW Patrol Live!]”

His tenet of supporting British suppliers—initially loudspeakers and industrial looking amplifiers from McGregor, on his doorstep in Warrington—was preserved when nearly 15 years ago he became a member of the Martin Audio family. This is a relationship which has been carefully nurtured, and from which he has never looked back.

dBS Solutions’ inventory has evolved through the product generations to the manufacturer’s current state-of-the-art Wavefront Precision (WPM, WPS and WPC) series, cardioid subs and TORUS constant curvature array. In explanation, he says, “I learnt to buy the best kit you can afford early on—and although what I can afford has changed considerably over the years, that philosophy has never done me wrong.” He has a similar philosophy towards borrowing, and notes that the only loan he ever had was from his father.

The Matt Goss tour is a perfect example of winning tours by reputation and relationship building, since dBS Solutions’ MD had previously worked with FOH engineer Simon Allen and production company IBB Media on theTubular Bellstour. “Simon was so pleased with our crew and the Martin Audio rig, which he was using for the first time, that we were invited back. Beingpredominantly a studio guy he likes the PA to be ruler flat and it’s well on the way to doing that with the predictions from DISPLAY.” As with bothTubular BellsandPAW Patrol Live!the task of PA optimisation was in the capable hands of system tech, Danny Clare.

Now backwind to the 1990s. While still at high school, a 14-year-old Chris started deejaying. With seed capital from his dad, including the purchase of a van, he acquired some McGregor speakers for local college work. But a major sea change came about when he was able to pick up some work experience at the 1998 Reading Festival, thanks to his cousin working for promoters the Mean Fiddler Group, as well as with lighting rental specialists, Art of Darkness. “There I was as a 15-year-old on a tour bus with rock and roll lampies.” And that’s when the realisation hit him that he could do this for a living rather than be an eternal DJ.

Chris did a two-year BTEC in Performing Arts, covering backstage disciplines, but his big academic break came when he secured a place at the prestigious LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) between 2001-2003 from which he emerged with a BA (Hons) degree in Theatre & Performance Design & Technology.

It was the making of him. “I had done more lighting than sound when I went to LIPA, but it was here that sound caught my eye and I realised that as a designer could try out all the risky stuff here. I designed and mixed a lot of theatre shows while at the same time still working with local PA companies.” In particular he came under the influence of new tutor Chris Layton, who also ran monitors for bands such as the Afro-Celt Sound System. In fact, Theatre Sound Design remains to this day one of Chris Bogg’s core specialities.

Graduating from LIPA he had to make a career decision and quickly realised the ‘buy to hire’ model (initially securing kit via eBay) was potentially more lucrative and sustainable.

He initially turned to another supplier on his doorstep—Knutsford based OHM—and with the purchase of six stacks of PA he was forced out of his dad’s garage and into his own premises two miles up the road. But there was a secondary reason: “After the gigs we would arrive back at my parents in the middle of the night and have to unload a van whilst trying to be remain deathly quiet. We got a lot of neighbours curtain twitching and it quickly got to the stage where I knew not only did we need more space, but it had to be somewhere more industrial.”

Meanwhile he was continuing to earn good money working with local wedding band Black Velvet before taking a permanent salaried job at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, spending two years looking after their sound department. This introduced him to a number of touring American bands but more important globally famous orchestras such as the Halle and BBC Philharmonic, whose demands raised his standards and would set him off on another path.

“After two years I realised venues weren’t for me, and Miriam Stone, who was my tech manager, and an excellent boss, said she was surprised I’d stayed so long!”

The decision to set up dBS Solutions in 2005 became a no brainer, and his new warehouse supported the dBS inventory for the next five years. But having outgrown his old point source PA and discovered Martin Audio things were about to change.

“I had heard of W8LM [Mini Line Array] and knew it had a good reputation,” he said. “I could drive it with the XTA’s and amps I had and knew I could hire in more locally. I started with just 12 W8LM boxes [which grew to 24] and that enabled me to undertake theatre and festival work I couldn’t have contemplated before.”

But in 2016 tragedy struck, When set to provide reinforcement for a gig by local band Viola Beach, who were on the verge of stardom, the four band members, along with manager Craig Tarry, plunged to their death in a tragic accident. Instead of supporting this local gig he found himself packing Warrington’s Parr Hall with W8LM PA for a tribute concert featuring The Courteeners, Blossoms, The Coral and The Kooks. “Ironically it was this gig that got us known to SJM and other major concert promoters.”

dBS Solutions’ inventory stepped up from W8LM, via Martin Audio’s DD6 and XD12—purchased for theAvenueQtheatre tour for producers Selladoor, and run with WS18X subs. Originally intended as a three-week tour it lasted six months.

With XD15 now joining XD12 in the ranks, the point source solution, with rotatable horns, proved perfect for theatre, and they toured a number of other major shows through provincial theatre, ranging fromSpamalottoLegally Blonde.

And when in 2019 Colchester’s Mercury Theatre, with whom they had a close relationship needed an 800-cap temporary pop-up tented theatre while their permanent venue was being renovated, Chris knew it was time to retire the W8LM in favour of a 40 Wavefront Precision Mini (WPM) line array. Knowing they would run the risk of sound escape at Colchester’s Abbey Field, disturbing the neighbours, he knew that deployment of this advanced tech was the way forward and would achieve respectable offsite sound limits.

“We needed the control and scalability of Wavefront Precision where we could use Hard Avoid and cardioid sub array for offsite sound rejection, and this helped sell it to the client,” says Chris. The system served them perfectly for the entire three-month outdoor season.

Then in February 2020—immediately before lockdown—two hangs of 16 WPM, supported byflown SXF115 subwoofers and DD6 front fills, went out on the Queen Symphonic tour.

As for lockdown itself, he acknowledges that while Covid had been a tough period dBS Solutions managed to secure Arts Council funding, largely as a result of having undertaken a good deal of community work … which softened the blow.

The final frontier came when they were approached by production manager Ben Marshall, with whom Chris had worked onLegally Blonde, to handle thePAW Patrol Live!tour.

“We had been looking for a bigger line array and had already bought a small quantity of WPS. But WPS couldn’t have cut it for arenas and so we bought WPC. It was our first experience of arenas or venues on that scale, and it has put us in the frame to take on much larger work.”

The relationship Martin Audio has been everything they could have hoped for, vindicating their decision to stay with a UK supplier. “Ben Tucker and Robin Dibble support us well from a technical point of view as does Peter Codron on sales.”

With 84 Wavefront Precision boxes in their hire fleet dBS Solutions are today the third largest UK stockist. Looking back from his idyllic base—on a farm set within the beautiful Cheshire countryside—Chris Bogg says, “Over the years we have worked with some truly lovely people, and that is what gets me up each morning. I’m looking forward to seeing where we can go in the next few years.”

Image 1: Photo Credit – Pam Raith

Image 2: Photo Credit – Theo Tighe

Image 6: Photo Credit – Warrington Guardian Dave Gillespie

Martin Audio


When audio-visual specialists ITI Systems installed a sound system at the new B/SPOKE Studio in South Boston, MA recently it was their fourth such integration for founder Mark Partin’s cycling concept—and all four feature Martin Audio CDDs and subwoofers.

The Beltsville, MD based integrators originally came onto Partin’s radar after he visited a club in New York that they had fitted out, and was impressed with the sound quality. He knew what he wanted when it came to equipping his new boutique fitness studio concept, specialising in Indoor Cycling, Strength, and YOGA classes.

“ITI has now had the privilege of installing Martin Audio at all four locations over the past nine years, starting with B/SPOKE Downtown,” said system designer and project manager, Eugene Yi. Once again, he specified a combination of Martin Audio mission critical solutions, focusing mainly on the hugely popular CDD series, in a fast-moving concept that continues to evolve.


Mark Partin, Founder, B/SPOKE Studio

“Mark Partin had wanted a high quality, clean yet loud PA,” he explained, outlining the reason for his product selection. “I have been working with Martin Audio products since the late 2000s and first heard the CDD series while equipping a different venue, and was immediately impressed.” The price / performance ratio offered by CDD ticks all the boxes, he said. As a result, he selected a blend of CDD12, CDD8 and CDD6, underpinned by SX218, SX118 subwoofers. To this he added ceiling and ADORN speakers from the British manufacturer’s catalogue for a venue he describes as “the latest and greatest” of all the B/SPOKES.

B/SPOKE Studio South Boston operates on 8,000 sq.ft over two floors, and boasts 56 bikes and 26 mats for classes, with a personal training area. In terms of audio feeds, both the yoga/strength and cycling rooms broadcast audio via instructor laptops with separate mic feeds for the instructors themselves. Small parties or vendor shows are also hosted in their studios.

To give the spaces the versatility and sound coverage required, Yi took advantage of CDD’s flexible mounting brackets since the speaker locations became the biggest challenge due to the relatively low ceilings and an array of lighting/HVAC hardware he had to work around.

Mark Partin had nothing but praise for the installation’s audio component. “Music is a big part of our programme and brand identity, and we believe the quality of playback can completely change the client experience, leading to better retention over time,” he said. “Martin Audio’s CDD speaker line provides the perfect balance of performance at an attainable cost for small businesses like our own.We now use them in all our studios, in all workout rooms and common area spaces.

“Clients and competitors always comment how our studio sound is one of the best in the industry and we have Martin Audio to thank for that.”

Since its launch in 2015, Martin Audio’s best-selling CDD series has found a ready home in gyms, fitness and wellness clubs, dance studios and sports facilities, such as B/SPOKE—right across the globe.

LEA Professional

LEA Amplifiers For House Of Worship | Muldraugh Baptist Church

LEA Amplifiers For House Of Worship | Muldraugh Baptist Church

When Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church needed to upgrade their old and outdated audio system they decided to go with LEA Professional to help boost the experience.

Let’s dive in! 🦈



🏢 Venue: Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church | Lebanon, kentucky

👷‍♂️ Integrator: JCA Media

🎶 Audio Spaces: Whole church

🦈 Product Used: CONNECTSERIES 354 (1) 704 (1)



The nearly 150-year-old Muldraugh Hill Church in Lebanon, Kentucky is among many churches in the area to take their services to the next level by providing guests with dynamic and exceptional audio, video, and lighting.  Once a hotspot for musical entertainment with the likes of Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Creedence Clearwater revival playing relatively frequently at local clubs this town is no stranger to sound. 



When Muldraugh was seeking to upgrade their systems they reached out to a company by the name of JCA  Audio which is a premier media partner in the Bluegrass state as well as many surrounding. The company has really cornered the market on House of Worship due to its exceptional capabilities and its overall support for its customers.

“We get tired of churched being sold things they don’t need,” said Alex Peake, Project Manager for JCA Media. “we give churches what they need – quality equipment and a well-done installation. I have seen many installs where churches are sold things that are way above what was really needed for the job. Not that I don’t love quality gear, but you can go overboard with it if you’re not doing the right thing”

“We are firm believers in doing it the right way with the right gear the first time, and we won’t install low-cost, low-quality products. Our names are on it, we take pride in our work, we love what we do, and we want it to be a lasting investment for churches as well,” added Peake.

At Muldraugh Hill Baptist, the church was hampered by an aging audiovisual system in its main sanctuary. The main projector was propped up by hymnals, affectionately called ‘shymals’ projecting on the wall from a laptop down in front of the pew. The church had a center loudspeaker cluster that did not cover the space adequately, and a choir monitor was hung from 25 feet from the choir so reverberation from the walls was a challenge.

In order words, it was a challenge that JCA was well qualified to handle. “We try to go into every install with the end goal in mind,” addeded Peake. “We don’t want to lock you into a system that doesn’t allow room for growth, but at the same time, we want to give you a long-lasting system that will do the job well, fit your needs, and grow with you.”

The audio portion of the installation utilized a Danley SM100B loudspeaker, two SH Mini’s, two Cubes, and four Nanos, all powered by LEA Professional 704 and 354 Network Connect Series Smart Amplifiers. An Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixer runs all audio, connected to  Earthworks choir, pulpit, and piano mics fed into ACE Backstage stage pockets and six Audio-Technica wireless mics.

“We were able to take a 4-channel LEA 704 and smart power bridge the first channel for the main Danley SM100B loudspeaker. Then we connected a channel per front fill, with a danley cube on each side,” said Peake. JCA’s team then used the fourth channel for the choir monitors and the 4-channel LEA 354 powered the four stage monitors. “Both LEA amplifiers are connected to their network via a Luxul switch so that we can utilize the LEA cloud monitoring feature,” Added Peake.

“I love the Smart Power Bridge function. I can create a left-center-right (LCR) configuration with a subwoofer on a single four- channel amp because I can smart power bridge the sub on a single channel and then do LCR. That really helps a lot of our layouts,” commented Peake. 



The hills in Lebanon, Kentucky, are alive these days with the sound of music from Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church. The Pastor and congregants are thrilled with the new system, which helps bring renewed energy and life to weekly services and church activities.

This installation is a perfect example of how even a small system with the right gear can be incredibly powerful yet simple. One person can easily run audio, lighting, projection, and video from the Front of House.

We would like to thank everyone at Baptist Hill CHurch and JCA Media for choosing our amps for this killer install and we hope to provide quality sound for many years to come. 🦈

HH Electronics

HH Electronics Tessen Line Array Shines in Tzaneen

The HH Electronics Tessen Line Array recently made a splash at the Tzaneen Pastors Fraternal Worship Conference, held at the AFM Fountain of Life Church.

The ground-stacked configuration of the HH Electronics TNA-1800S, TNA-2120SA, and TNA-2051 delivered exceptional sound quality that impressed attendees.

According to Chimmy Machimana, the Front of House sound engineer for the event, “The HH Electronics Tessen Line Array blew me away. The sound was crystal clear with a very punchy low end, and the coverage was impressive. More impressive is what we were able to achieve in a room with very challenging acoustics. As you can see, the space is only at the tail end of a construction effort. The sanctuary is yet to be carpeted and treated for sound. “

Pastor Frank Ntlemo, a Pastor and musician at the conference, was equally impressed with the line array, stating that they planned to secure funds to have it installed in their new church building. It’s a testament to the quality of the Tessen Line Array that it left such an impression on attendees.

Dr Pat Malungani, owner of Mbhetse Productions, a sound hire company, also had positive feedback about HH Electronics. He praised the clarity of the TRE-1201 model and its ability to deliver pristine sound even in challenging acoustic environments. We used the TRE-1201 on stage as monitors for the speaker and lead vocalist with exceptional results.

Overall, the HH Electronics Tessen Line Array was a standout at the Tzaneen Pastors Fraternal Worship Conference. It’s a powerful tool that can elevate any worship experience and is sure to impress anyone who hears it. We are excited by the overwhelmingly positive response to the brand in the region and are confident that our efforts to support our local retail partners to promote it will yield great results.

ApexPro is the sole distributor of HH Electronics in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us to book your demo.

Martin Audio


Maidstone’s MuMu nightclub, known for its vibrant and energetic atmosphere, recently underwent a major refurbishment after a significant fire in 2021. The nightclub, which has been a popular destination for party-goers in the region, had to shut down for several months to carry out repairs and refurbishment. However, with the recent installation of a state-of-the-art Martin Audio stereo monitoring solution by Middlesex Sound and Lighting, the chic lounge and bar is now back and ready to deliver the ultimate night out.

The unique venue, which includes a traditional Irish pub, a speakeasy, a hidden laundromat room, an eatery and dining restaurant, a newly refurbished cabaret bar, and a basement club area, presented a challenging but exciting opportunity for the team at Middlesex Sound and Lighting who were tasked with bringing back the ‘wow factor.’


Darrel Olivier, Director of Middlesex Sound and Lighting.

“The whole space is like a labyrinth!,” recalled Darrel Olivier, Director of Middlesex Sound and Lighting. “The main room is accessed via a small corridor which leads upstairs and along the way, there are these washing machines with quirky content displayed in the centre of them, spinning around. On the upper level, there’s an eatery and dining restaurant with a newly refurbished cabaret bar, and then downstairs in the basement is a new club area, which we were involved in creating.”

The AV crew had to pay attention to the aesthetics, such as using more compact enclosures in the booth seating areas, concealed subwoofers, and a clean finish from both the lighting and audio perspectives. For audio, the crew went with Martin Audio boxes throughout the venue, with an emphasis on coverage and quality of sound to ensure a vibrant customer experience.

It is the ADORN family that greets guests, with ACS-55TS ceiling speakers covering the entrance lobby, customer routes and toilets. In the club itself the main dancefloor is covered by Blackline X12s with low end support from a pair of Blackline X118 single 18” subs. The Blackline family is also in the DJ booth with Blackline X10s serving as stereo monitors. Supplementing the dancefloor system in the booths and peripheral areas are CDD6 cabinets with SX110 10” slimline subs conceiled within the banquette seating.

The amplification is driven by Powersoft and controlled by a Symetrix Prism DSP and controller in the DJ booth. They also have full zoning control and have included pre-sets for the venue’s staff, as they plan to use the space for brunch and lunch events in addition to operating as a nightclub. “It was a solid team effort and I think the final result speaks for itself – it looks and sounds fantastic!” Olivier added.

Reflecting on the install, and the results that MuMu has seen, Olivier stated: “They are thrilled to have the new Martin Audio system installed at the club. It’s really made a difference to the sound quality and their staff guests have already noticed the difference.”

LEA Professional

Connect Series Version 1504 & 1504D Only

Connect Series Version 1504 & 1504D Only

🚨 Attention Connect Series users! We recently have uploaded a designated firmware file exclusively our high-powered 1504 & 1504D. 

If you currently have a 1504 and/or 1504D this is the file you will need to download for your amplifier. 

LEA Connect 1504 and 1504D Firmware:

Web UI And General Updates

  • Updates to WiFi and Access Point Linux Driver.
  • Resolves an issue with the AP displaying IP address.
  • Adds link to local audio IP addressing on LAN port.

Quick Guide To Updating Your Firmware

Martin Audio


Seaworld’s new Leviathan rollercoaster takes AV theming to the next level.

Photos: ULA Group

Rollercoaster influencers: they’re a real thing and they were out in force when the Leviathan launched. Of course, they were actively invited in by owners Village Roadshow for the occasion of the unleashing of its new rollercoasting beast at Seaworld on the Gold Coast, in the hope they’d be wow’ed and spread the word. 

Turns out, they were impressed. This is a brand new wooden rollercoaster that not only provides the requisite on-ride thrills but amps up the anticipation via a full-blown immersive AV experience while you’re in the queue and boarding the ride.


The theming and AV is next-level. The biggest ticket items of the install is the VuePix Infiled display technology that does justice to the amazing animations, while the multi-channel QSC Audio loudspeaker system in the boarding zone takes care of the audio from the Pixera media server.

Cameron Crawford, Project Manager at Village Roadshow Theme Parks sets the scene:

“Leviathan is our new signature ride at The New Atlantis precinct, which opened in December 2022. We have many different rides throughout our parks. But this is something that has never been done before in terms of a timber roller coaster and an immersive precinct themed in such a big way.”

The Prestige Group and Run By Media were responsible for the AV integration. The Prestige Group, ably led by General Manager, Nathan Wright, is a highly credentialed Gold Coast-based integrator, which took care of the installation, while Run By Media (with Chris Jenkins running point) is somewhat of a theme park specialist, ensuring the content was running and triggering properly. It also took care of the themed lighting installation. Earthstory Productions imagined the theming while Cutting Edge created the content.


There are eight VuePix Infiled MV series screens installed, all of them of 2.9mm pixel pitch, totalling over 12.3 million pixels. All of the displays are an irregular shape, with the largest one (11 x 3m) installed overhead in the main area of the rollercoaster load zone.

“The VuePix Infiled screens were mainly chosen for their superb reliability, great durability in this kind of environment and local product support,” comments Nathan Wright. “There has also been a high level of customisation involved in this project, due to the excess salt air in this location. A double coating of silicon has been applied to all the screens to help them withstand the harsh elements in this environment.”

The complex control solution is run by NovaStar H2 processor, with a Pixera media server triggering all the content via various motion sensors and ride controllers in certain parts of the coaster.


The audio is just as critical for taking patrons on the journey into the Leviathan’s lair or ‘load station’.

Run by Media’s Chris Jenkins explains: “There are 32 channels of audio coming out of the Pixera media server, routed to a loudspeaker setup in the load station comprising 25 speakers and five subwoofers. On the ceiling are a further 11 loudspeakers. We specified a combination of Martin Audio CDD5 surfacemount loudspeakers for their superior audio quality, the Martin Audio CX112 Ultra Compact subs and QSC Audio Acoustic Design 6ST surface mount speakers. They’re powered by QSC Audio CX-Q networked power amps.

“How’s it sound? It sounds incredible. Cutting Edge did a great job with the content and it all came together on site reasonably easily without too much fiddling around.”


The lighting is the Leviathan coup de grace. It too was installed by Run by Media. Once night falls, the Leviathan lighting is spectacular. The entire rollercoaster is externally lit (with Show Technology Fusion Wash fixtures) and the lighting is also a programmed part of the ride (relying on Studio Due Terra L5 IP67-rated LED up/downlights). In fact, audio and lighting follows patrons up the main lift hill. Then, once the coaster goes over the top, a sensor triggers follow-lighting around the full extent of the track.

We Are Sabre took care of the initial lighting design. Clint Dulieu programmed the entire lighting show, while Toby Sewell provided the lighting production design. An MA Lighting GrandMA3 console was selected to control the lighting.

“We also provided the client with 10 preset colours to theme the rollercoaster for special events,” notes Chris Jenkins.


Leviathan is a huge investment. What’s more, it’s part of three new rides (collectively called New Atlantis), so the stakes for Village Roadshow are high. The philosophy around the AV implementation was simplicity of operation and for the programming and gear selection to be as off-the-peg as possible — no arcane programming or boutique items that are expensive to update or replace. Oh, and it had to be reliable… for obvious reasons. Downtime is a loss of revenue, and unplanned maintenance is expensive.

“The client made it very clear, they wanted a ‘drag ’n’ drop’ approach to new content, and not expensive updates. And when it comes to suppliers, the client didn’t want a cast of thousands. We’ve been very happy with what we’ve got from Technical Audio Group and Show Technology, while Prestige is clearly happy with the ULA VuePix product, as are we.”


Rollercoasters and theme parks operate in an international market as well as a local one. If you’re a rollercoaster enthusiast, you’ll have your bucket list of must-experience rides across the globe. For Village Roadshow, it was important for the Leviathan to compete — it needed to be world class.

“There is no other load station for a timber rollercoaster like this in the world,” says Cameron Crawford, “and it has been very rewarding to watch people’s reactions and how they interact within the environment. Some of them are overwhelmed and it takes them a few goes on the ride to take it all in and to enjoy the unique thrill that this immersive experience provides.”

Martin Audio

Darshan Raval Rocks Medi Caps University with Martin Audio!

The recent concert at Medi Caps University featuring the talented Darshan Raval was an absolute spectacle. With a footfall of over 12,000 attendees, the concert was one of the biggest events the university has ever hosted. The concert was made even more special by the use of the Martin Audio system WPL for the music system.

Product Line-up


2 x 12” Bi-amp Three-way Line Array


2 X 18” Passsive Hybrid© Horn/Reflex Subwoofer


Four-Channel 20,000W Class D Power Amplifier


“As the Director of the recent concert at Medi Caps University Indore (M.P) featuring Darshan Raval, I was extremely impressed with the Martin Audio system that was used for the event. The Martin Audio WPL system delivered an exceptional audio experience to the audience, and it played a crucial role in making the concert a huge success. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Martin Audio system, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for exceptional sound quality and reliability. Whether you are hosting a small event or a large concert, the WPL system from Martin Audio is the perfect choice for delivering a truly unforgettable audio experience. It is a product that is backed by exceptional performance, and it is sure to exceed your expectations.”

Mr. Mahesh Hardia
Director, Hardia Sound & Lights Pvt. Ltd.

“As a system engineer who has worked with several sound systems in the past, I can confidently say that the Martin Audio system is one of the best in the business. I recently had the opportunity to work with the Martin Audio WPL system during the concert at Medi Caps University featuring Darshan Raval, and it was a truly remarkable experience. From the moment I began setting up the system, I could tell that it was designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. The WPL system was easy to set up and configure, and it provided an incredible level of flexibility and control over the sound.”

Mr. Palkesh Hardia
System Engineer, Hardia Sound & Lights Pvt. Ltd.

“The WPL system used for the concert was an excellent choice, and it delivered outstanding results. The system’s power and precision enabled Darshan Raval’s electrifying performance to reach every corner of the venue, providing a truly unforgettable experience for everyone present.”

Kekul Sheth
Head of Sales, VMT Distribution

“The Martin Audio WPL system was used for the concert, and it delivered an exceptional audio experience to the audience. The sound quality was crystal clear, and every note and beat of the music was delivered with incredible depth and richness. The WPL system was able to deliver consistent sound quality throughout the venue, ensuring that everyone in the audience had an enjoyable and immersive experience.”

Jeff Mandot
National Sales Manager, VMT
LEA Professional

LEA Professional continues growth in APAC with Vietnamese Tech Sound

VIETNAM: LEA Professional has unveiled its distribution partnership with Tech Sound of Hanoi, Vietnam. This partnership allows LEA Professional to increase support for its existing customers in Vietnam, as well as further develop new opportunities in the country.

Co-founded in 2022 by Nam Am Thanh and Le Ngoc Diep, Tech Sound is a distributor of pro audio equipment in Vietnam and is committed to bringing the most advanced audio technology to the market, along with sound engineering services. “We are so proud and happy to represent the LEA brand and the company’s innovative IoT and pro audio power amplifier technologies in the Vietnamese market,” commented Mr. Nam, President and CEO of Tech Sound.

“LEA Professional is an extremely intelligent power amplifier with many features that appeal to our customers – Smart Power Bridge, Cloud connectivity, SharkWare and Web UI, to name a few,” added Nam. “The one feature that clearly sets LEA above the rest is the company’s commitment to sustainability and green power – something we greatly admire and don’t see in any other amplifier brand.”

“We are excited about the energy and enthusiasm Mr. Nam and the Tech Sound team bring to the LEA brand,” said David Wong of Generation AV, LEA’s representative in Asia. “They know the Vietnamese market well, their salespeople are extremely skilled, and they are strongly committed to customer service and bringing the very best products to the marketplace.”

“I would like to welcome Tech Sound to the LEA family,” commented Scott Robbins, vice president of sales, LEA Professional. “Mr. Nam and his team have an infectious enthusiasm for our brand and our breakthrough technology, and I am thrilled to have them on board in Vietnam. Tech Sound is a key piece of our efforts at growing the LEA brand in the APAC region.”