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BELGIUM: The newly-completed, multifunctionalSiltcomplex—an architecturally sophisticated ‘landscaper’ completed earlier this year—forms a dominant, wood-latticed landmark on the Belgian coast, overlooking the North Sea at Middelkerke.

Essentially a multipurpose event venue, built and operated by Middelkerke’s municipality as part of its restoration programme for the area, it also hosts a restaurant, hotel and casino run by different operators. All are set within an artificial dune, each with spectacular views across the beach and sea.

For advice on sound reinforcement in the Event Hall, the City Council brought in Stephan Bohez of SBE—a loyal partner of Martin Audio for the past 25 years, who also co-owns StarTechnics with partner, Danny Debock. Stated Bohez, who has staged events for the client over a number of years, “They already knew the quality of our service and the fact we are always ready to solve any kind of programme,” he said. “I was asked what they would need for an event hall that could perform a number of functions—not merely operate as a concert hall, but something that would work in 90% of cases.”

Awarded the contract, StarTechnics report that the design went through many iterations “as they were initially unsure in what direction they would be going with the venue, whether concerts, seminars, conferences, awards shows or banquets.” Eventually they decided on WPM as being the best solution to cater for dynamic events.

His solution was to equip this empty white box with a modular set-up that could be brought in and reconfigured at will. The only items permanently rigged would be eight elements of Martin Audio’s small footprint, scalable Wavefront Precision WPM a side, with four SXP218 (2 x 18” active subwoofers) which can be deployed and designed as required.

Complementing this is a delay of four TORUS T820 8” constant curvature speakers, providing defined 100° by 20° coverage pattern in the meeting areas at the mezzanine level, while four auxiliary CDD-LIVE 12 can be used as infills or outfills as required. Martin Audio’s ADORN 5.25” ACS-55T ceiling speakers are set underneath the mezzanine to provide main system delays, or for independent use when this space is separated from the main hall—providing immense versatility.

The mezzanine area space can also become a dedicated single room hall, whose orientation is then rotated through 90°. In this set up two further delayed TORUS T820 are rigged under which is a Martin Audio SX115 subwoofer. This small, dedicated area has already hosted DJ-run events and a live concert.

The entire set-up is run by a pair of Martin Audio iKON iK81 DSP amps supporting VU-NET, in 2-box resolution. These take care of all the processing other than the CDD-LIVE 12, which is under the management of a dedicated DX4.0 processor.

Stephan Bohez was assisted in the installation by Jimmy Koninckx, Audio Solutions Advisorat FACE, Martin Audio’s Belgian distributor who supplied the equipment. He ensured the order was fulfilled and later provided technical support, including optimisation and programming.

“Most of the work was in getting the delays set correctly,” he said, “but we are fortunate in that TORUS sounds similar to the WPM.”

Further adjustments, such as system presets will wait until a routine trading pattern has been established. “We want to see what settings are likely to be most common,” says the installer.

Following the opening, Stephan Bohez has been retained as onsite technician and sound engineer. Meanwhile, the operators are said to be delighted with the quality of the sound system, and the flexibility it affords, which can be tailored to each event. And with a heavy programme of events in prospect, they have already safely overcome the first hurdle.

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LEA Professional


Join us as we relive our unforgettable week at InfoComm 2024. This year was nothing short of spectacular as we unveiled our latest product offerings, connected with our extensive network of partners, and provided visitors with an immersive, in-depth look at everything LEA has to offer. From cutting-edge innovations to dynamic demonstrations, we left no stone unturned in making this experience truly memorable.

Connect Series Touch

Introducing the Connect Series Touch. Creating buzz all over the show floor the Connect Series Touch controller is a wall-mounted touch-enabled control panel designed for simple and intuitive control of LEA amplifiers. Offering ultimate flexibility, its features include source selection, volume adjustments, and the ability to mute by individual zone. 

Connect Series ADSP

Introducing Connect Series ADSP. Available in 2 and 4 channels ranging from 300 to 1500 watts, the Connect Series ADSP is our most advanced smart amplifier. Featuring 96kHz linear phase FIR crossover filters with 2048 taps per channel, 4 seconds of input delay, under 10-second power-on to audio when PoE is used, and FIR-based speaker tunings it is the perfect solution for high-performance applications.

Connect Series Half-Rack

Making its US debut at InfoComm 2024, the Connect Series Half-Rack stands as the latest addition to the esteemed Connect Series lineup. Available in both Network and Dante configurations, these 4-channel amplifiers include options of 30W, 60W, and 120W per channel. Additionally, this ultra-compact marvel delivers the same feature-rich experience you expect with the LEA Connect Series. Each model comes equipped with onboard DSP, LEA Cloud integration, WebUI accessibility, SharkWare compatibility, 3rd Party API support, and Speaker Tunings.

Partner Awards

This year at InfoComm 2024, we took the opportunity to present our 2023  partner awards, categorized by Most Prestigious Project, Commitment to Growth, and Business Motivator. Of the five awards presented, here is the breakdown of recipients:

2023 US Rep of the Year – Most Prestigious Project
2023 US Rep of the Year – Business Motivator
2023 LATAM Distributor of the Year – Business Motivator
2023 LATAM Distributor of the Year – Most Prestigious Project

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TiMax introduces two new product integrations at Infocomm 2024

TiMax – pioneering manufacturers of immersive and object-based audio technology and show management solutions – introduces two TiMax product integrations at InfoComm 2024 (June 11 – 14, 2024 – Las Vegas Convention Center), being debuted at their Stand C9241.

The unequalled power and spatial audio prowess of TiMax will be demonstrated live at the show in Martin Audio’s demonstration room, N112. A part of the Focusrite Group, the powerful immersive and spatial audio capabilities of TiMax will form a part of sister pro audio brand, Martin Audio’s presentation at the show. Martin Audio loudspeakers are one of the loudspeaker brands in the ‘TiMax Recommends’ family of manufacturers proposing TiMax as their recommended immersive spatial processing solution.

What the pro-audio world really needs is yet another reverb plug-in – NOT.  This is why TiMax has not made one. Instead, TiMax has created a new concept in configurable automated reverb platforms for spatial audio productions and system integration.  This powerful new plug-in option, available to all existing FPGA-equipped TiMax SoundHub spatial processors, adds no less than four individual 1-in / 16-out ultra-high-quality reverb engines which give sound designers full control of all parameters as well as access to an advanced 3D room reverb-builder application.  Aux sends to each reverb engine can be driven by the TiMax TimeLine automation, TiMax TrackerD4 stagetracking so that performers’ mics or effects can be cross-faded between different reverb effects or just similar presets spatially configured to be consistent with their localisation on stage.  A unique parameter “morphing” function facilitates the rapid selection, and adjustment, of desired reverb styles under high-pressure tech rehearsal conditions.

New for the award-winning TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking solution is TiMax TrackerSP, a software add-on option for integrated lighting and media control. Developed in collaboration with virtual production showcontrol specialists, Stage Precision GmbH, TiMax TrackerSP enables TiMax TrackerD4 to intelligently direct and focus groups of moving-head light fixtures using ArtNet and sACN networked DMX.  TiMax TrackerSP operates seamlessly for synchronised groups of fixtures across multiple tracked objects and opens the door for further Stage Precision integration with videomapping and camera control, as well as Unreal and Notch control and beyond.

With R&D firmly at the heart of our business, TiMax SoundHub and TiMax TrackerD4 products benefit from additional and ongoing enhancements that cement their status as the leading real-time immersive audio spatialisation on premium live shows and events.  



Sonance, the industry leader in high-fidelity architectural audio solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Infocomm where it will unveil its completely upgraded Commercial Design Gallery. This innovative presentation tool empowers integrators and consultants to present Sonance and James audio solutions tailored to the unique design and construction of their projects, focusing on the client’s vision rather than just the product.

Experience the Commercial Design Gallery at the Sonance Booth

The Sonance booth will feature a fully functional version of the Commercial Design Gallery, providing attendees with a hands-on opportunity to see and hear the extensive range of Sonance and James commercial solutions. Visitors will experience audio solutions for ceilings, walls, displays, and outdoor environments, as well as an array of hidden bass augmentation options suitable for any commercial setting.

Introducing the VXQ Range from James by Sonance

Sonance will also reveal the highly anticipated James VXQ range of In-Ceiling and In-Wall products. These state-of-the-art speakers feature the unique Quadratech tweeter with Cymatic diffuser technology, delivering unparalleled performance for architectural applications. The VXQ range is IP67 rated, ensuring durability and reliability in various environments. Customers can configure their VXQ speakers when ordering, with the ability to choose between a standard Micro Trim grille or a Trim-less grille in a selection of standard colors at no additional cost. Additionally, these speakers can be configured with an enclosure and/or a 70V transformer to meet specific application requirements.

Preview of the New Website

In conjunction with these product launches, Sonance will debut its newly redesigned website, The revamped site will prominently feature commercial applications and products, integrating the high-quality presentation elements of the Commercial Design Gallery. It will also offer quick access to detailed specifications and downloadable resources for commercial integrators and consultants.

Showcasing the Latest from IPORT

Visitors to the Sonance booth will also have the opportunity to explore the latest range of products from IPORT. IPORT’s innovative solutions are designed to hold, charge, protect, and connect iPads in any commercial application, providing versatile and efficient solutions for modern businesses.

Join Us at Infocomm

Sonance invites all attendees of Infocomm to visit booth #C9656 and experience the future of commercial audio solutions. Discover how Sonance and James products can enhance any commercial environment with cutting-edge technology and superior design.

Martin Audio


UK: Based in London’s West End, The Twist Museum is an immersive, interactive, multi-sensory attraction, set on a 15,000 sq. ft site.

Challenging the visitor to explore the world of illusion, Twist—which stands forThe Way I See Things—is a collaborative work of leading artists, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

The audio-visual integration was entrusted to London-based Crossover, who specified, installed, programmed and commissioned essential audio-visual equipment, for management and routing over a digital backbone.

Developed by multimedia artist Aristotle Roufanis, the Digital Mirror exhibit uses a camera and large format display to create an interactive ‘mirror’, distorting peoples’ reflections in real time. The Crossover team provided the displays, the audio system, and the back-end processing hardware, that manipulates the captured images to display the illusions and distortions to the viewer.

Crossover helped the Museum’s project team build another of Roufanis’ creations, the Digital Kaleidoscope, with audio looping in real time on Ableton Live. The Kaleidoscope is a mirrored hexagonal tube—people entering it immerse themselves in a stunning display of colours and patterns and their reflections which are influenced by their movements and interactions. Crossover supplied and installed the projection systems, camera, processing hardware and audio system for this interactive marvel.

Martin Audio loudspeakers were specified in the Audio Interactive Space and Mind Hub where distortion free, phase coherent output was paramount. The former is a large octagonal acoustically treated 360-degree surround-sound room that immerses the visitor in soundscapes created by artist and composer Antoine Bertin. Custom-programmed LED lighting synchronises with the audio to enhance the sensory impact, with LF rumble provided by a Martin Audio SX110 1 x 10in slimline subwoofer.

This was chosen “for its super compact form factor, and the fact it could be easily flown without taking up valuable floorspace,” according to Crossover Senior Systems Designer, Juan Garcia. “In addition, we are very familiar with Martin Audio and love the sound of their speakers and their reliability. The fact that the space was small, and the sub is so powerful, we only needed one SX110, to avoid hotspots and dips.” It was installed towards the side of the room—rather than the centre—in order to maximise bass coverage.

About halfway through the journey, the visitors enter the Mind Hub. Crossover installed the lighting and supplied the lighting control hardware and audio system for this spectacle, at the centre of which is a huge cube of 1,000 individually controllable LED spheres hanging from the ceiling, creating mesmerising patterns and shapes.

Here and in the events area, Crossover have specified eight Martin Audio ADORN A55T, focused on background music and small events within that space, chosen for their output within a discreet footprint. These are powered by a Martin Audio VIA2004 4-channel, 2000W Class D amplifier.

Elsewhere, the Upside-Down Room and the Ames Room provide further treats for visitors, the former featuring a further Martin Audio music system with the option for a DJ to play for parties and events.

A digital back end, with local touch panel interfaces allows staff to monitor the exhibits and to maintain uptime.

Crossover director, David Sacks, said: “This was a brilliant project to have worked on. It was particularly rewarding because of the close collaboration with international artists to bring their visions to life with some of the best audio-visual technology around.”

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Martin Audio


GERMANY: Vortex, the new electronic music festival, made its debut at Göppingen’s EWS Arena—pumping techno, trance and hardcore through the bodies of devotes, continuously over 12 hours, through Martin Audio’s flagship Wavefront Precision line array series. To quote the words of the organisers, “Vortexis not just a festival, it’s a transcendent experience, a sonic adventure that you won’t want to miss.“ Such was the challenge that the Martin Audio PA and its advance control software were set.

It was a far cry from EWS Arena’s normal sphere of activity, which is hosting the Bundesliga handball club FRISCH AUF! But since the venue is located in the centre of the town, surrounded by shops and flats, the requirements with regard to noise escape were predictably stringent. As a debut event, it was particularly important for the organisers not to provoke complaints from local residents in order to preserve the future of the event. With its legendary tight offsite control, the Martin Audio Wavefront Precision systems deployed absolutely met these high requirements.

Jürgen Schuster, from event technology specialist Skyeline Live, who provided the technical equipment for theVortexFestival, confirms: “There were no noise complaints and zero problems with the volume for the audience.”


Jürgen Schuster, Skyeline Live

Martin Audio’s advanced DISPLAY software had been essential in controlling the WPS and WPC line arrays deployed. “It was a real blessing,” he explains. “I was able to calculate the entire system cleanly and deploy it accordingly. This made it possible to predict in advance exactly how the system would behave in terms of sound levels.” He added that during the event, a colleague checked the volume on the street, enabling him to confirm: “Ambient noise from the street was louder than the sound coming from the festival, while inside the venue the sound was characterised by the evenness of distribution across the entire event area.”

To achieve this Jürgen Schuster deployed 24 Martin Audio WPC as the main system (12 boxes a side), with eight WPS as front- and sidefill. The all-important sub frequencies were pumped out through six towers of three SX218, designed in cardioid (two front facing and a single rear facing), with a further four SX218 provided for DJ monitoring. The rig was powered by 12 of Martin Audio‘s iK42 multi-channel, process-controlled power amplifiers in three-box resolution.

Schuster attributed the success of the event to two key Martin Audio technologies: the scalable resolution of the Wavefront Precision loudspeakers and the acoustic optimisation using the DISPLAY simulation software. “The combination of these two aspects made it possible to calculate the sound solution for the event so precisely that sound emissions were minimised [offsite] while still providing uncompromising sound for the 4,000 dance fans.”

But the real success of the event, he emphasises, was the reaction of the artists themselves. “They didn’t want to leave at all,” he affirms. “It’s normal for an act to come, deliver their set and then go … but at the Vortex Festival, the acts enjoyed it so much that they stayed for hours after their performance and simply enjoyed it.”

This says much for the quality of the sound system, which had been subjected to an enormous continuous load. “The Vortex Festival runs for 12 hours through the night—from 7pm until 7am—and the system has to work reliably.” Fortunately, due to his many years of experience with Martin Audio systems he was confident this requirement would be absolutely fulfilled.

In conclusion he praises the sonic coherence across the different series and how easily they can be combined. “WPC and WPS are different size formats but they fit together perfectly in all technical respects—phase response and so on. With many manufacturers this provides problems as the speakers don’t fit together in terms of sound. This is certainly not an issue with Martin Audio, as the different series work wonderfully together.”

Watch the video:

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Martin Audio


MY: Based in the Malaysian state of Selangor, full-service provider Psychoacoustic Productions recently invested in a Martin Audio BlacklineX Powered loudspeaker system, comprising 16 XP12, eight XP15 and six XP118 subs.

Founded in 2006 by Haary Roshaahn Yograi, under the original name of Pyschoacoustics Sound & Lights the company has grown steadily from humble beginnings.

Stated the owner, “We were comparing several active point source systems in a similar price range, and among all that we tested, Martin Audio really stood out in terms of delivering a sweeter sound—particularly on the higher frequencies. It was the system that best suited our indoor venues.”

The portable BlacklineX Powered series integrates Martin Audio’s renowned engineering expertise into an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, high-powered solution for a range of professional applications, ranging from use by musicians and mobile DJ’s, to corporate AV, House of Worship installations and all types of music venue.

With optional Bluetooth control, streaming and a built-in three channel mixer, BlacklineX Powered was a logical move for the company. The equipment was supplied by Kuala Lumpur dealer, Wavefront Culture.

As they enter their second year of distributing the brand, managing director, Ahmad Syafiqbin Yaacob says that although Martin Audio was already well established in the AV market, with its rapidly increasing portfolio it has required an extended push to make the client base fully aware of its solutions. He confirmed that while Psychoacoustic Productions already knew about the brand, they had never previously listened to the product, adding that in comparative testing they preferredthe XP12 and XP118.

He says that as a result, Mr. Roshaahn is now keen to audition the TORUS series.

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Martin Audio


Martin Audio has announced the introduction of iK41, an advanced 4-channel power amplifier, to further strengthen the existing iKON series and portfolio offering.

The iK41 combines high power density with rich and accurate audio performance, state-of-the-art DSP and network control, and is designed as a dedicated controller amplifier for Martin Audio WPM optimised line arrays, TORUS 8 constant curvature loudspeakers, as well as multi-channel amplification for select Martin Audio loudspeakers.

This latest iKON amplifier can deliver a full 1500 watts per channel into 4 ohm, and its high efficiency reduces the energy drawn from the mains supply and ensures the power reserves needed to deliver signature sound under arduous conditions.

Dom Harter, Martin Audio

Ethernet is used for system remote control and monitoring via Martin Audio’s VU-NET software application, while a user-friendly front panel interface allows full local control of all features. Dante digital audio network inputs are also provided for digital audio distribution and control.

Powerful DSP is fully integrated into the iK41 to provide a multitude of features that ensure maximum performance of select loudspeaker systems. It also provides up to 1000 FIR filter taps at 48kHz on each output channel, which is essential to implement DISPLAY’s wide bandwidth optimisation process in WPM line array systems.

The iK41 employs comprehensive protection functions to maintain safe operating conditions of both the amplifier and the loudspeakers driven—including a sophisticated loudspeaker limiter suite which incorporates peak, RMS and excursion limiting, as well as multiband limiting for passive 2-way systems.

Dom Harter, Managing Director, commented, “The success of iKON amplifiers has been undeniable and with this less expensive model being introduced it will allow for more efficient installations of WPM, TORUS 8 and FlexPoint systems. While we expect rental partners to continue their inventory of iK42, we also expect that some will see the benefit of holding additional iK41 inventory for their smaller events.”

The iK41 will be on display at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, booth C9601, and will start shipping globally from July.

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Linea Research

Linea Research launches distribution partnership with 
Guangzhou Guidance at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou

Linea Research launches distribution partnership with 
Guangzhou Guidance at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou

UK-based Linea Research, innovator of specialist professional audio solutions, has strengthened its global presence with a series of key, strategic distribution appointments. As Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou – 23 – 26th May 2024), opens its doors, Linea Research is delighted to announce Guangzhou Guidance as its distributor and technical service hub for China. Guangzhou Guidance will manage the Linea Research product ranges across mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

As a highly regarded specialist sales partner, the team at Guangzhou Guidance, headed by Rico Xu, will take responsibility for the full spectrum of Linea Research products in the region, from the M Series amplifiers for touring to the C Series for installation, through the XiB4 range of four-channel DSP amplifiers to Linea’s Advanced System Controller, the ASC48.

Guangzhou Guidance’s Rico Xu, said, “We are very pleased to begin the sales and technical service partnership with Linea Research with exhibition of the products at the prestigious Pro Light and Sound China trade exhibition. The quality of Linea Research amplification and DSP solutions perfectly aligns with the other brands we promote in the region. We are excited with the response we have received so far in China and look forward to introducing all our partners and customers to the Linea Research products at the Pro Light + Sound Show.”

Martin Hildred, sales and Marketing Manager for Linea Research, added, “Guangzhou Guidance proved to be the perfect fit for the Linea Research product range, aligning our amplification and DSP product ranges with complimentary brands of equal high calibre. Rico and the Guidance team are an energetic and passionate group and understand clearly how to position Linea Research in China. We look forward to a strong and fruitful partnership together.”

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LEA Professional


To expand tourist offerings and educate people on the region’s history and culture, the Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center decided to create an immersive educational experience featuring Connect Series amps. 


🏢 Venue:  Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center| Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

👷‍♂️ Integrators: Group AV

🎶 Audio Spaces: Multi-room, Immersive Audio Experience

🦈 Product Used: Connect Series 354D  (8) 


The outcome of this project was the creation of the Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center. Known locally as Bieszczadzkie Centrum Dziedzictwa Kulturowego, the center was built on the grounds of a former refinery. The cultural center includes multimedia rooms, three exhibition zones, and a concert hall. However, the primary attraction is an audiovisual show about multiculturalism, the richness of nature, the age of oil, and the economic development of the Bieszczady Mountains. It is organized in a specially designed room where the content is conveyed by influencing the senses and immersing viewers in virtual reality.


Creating an immersive AV experience of this nature hadn’t been undertaken in the area before, so venue staff contacted [integrator name, title, organization], to help implement the audio system. The heritage center recognized that audio was equally important in immersing guests in the storytelling of the region’s history and culture.

“The cultural center wanted guests to experience deep immersion in the presented content, enabling them to better understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of the Bieszczady region,” said Tomasz Zalewiski, Technical Director of Group AV. “We immediately thought of using LEA amplifiers for the project.”

Zalweiski’s team installed eight Connect Series 354D amplifiers to power the immersive audio experience in the heritage center. With 96 kHz-capable Dante and AES67 connectivity options, the IoT-enabled 4-channel 354D provides 350 watts per channel, supports high-Z (70V or 100V) and low-Z selectable by channel, and features two Smart Power Bridge channels. With three ways to connect, the center can engage the built-in Wi-Fi access point, connect to the building’s Wi-Fi, or connect to the local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

One of the key reasons the AV team chose Connect Series amplifiers was their cloud-based management capability — a revolutionary advancement and a significant benefit for anyone maintaining the systems. With LEA Cloud, AV teams can remotely control and monitor the amplifiers regardless of the location or time of day. Whether from within the sphere or a different continent, controlling the Connect Series amplifiers from afar helps teams work more efficiently, reducing travel and saving time and money.

“The LEA Cloud allowed for easy adjustment and monitoring of the system from anywhere,” said Zalewiski. “This enables straightforward system customization and monitoring, ensuring operational stability and flexibility in management.”


Through modern AV technology, the Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center offers rich cultural content and provides unforgettable experiences that inspire and educate visitors, enhancing the quality of the region’s tourist offerings.

“Between the state-of-the-art projection system and superior audio, visitors to the heritage center experience immersive AV that makes the storytelling come alive,“ said Brian Pickowitz, VP of Marketing at LEA Professional. “We’re pleased that our amplifiers could contribute to this highly immersive experience.”

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