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Optimal Audio’s First Arena Install is Wizards’ Choice

AUSTRALIA: Northside Wizards is a successful basketball team based in Brisbane which runs sections for men, women, and juniors. Competing in the NBL1 Central, Australia’s second division basketball league, the team’s home fixtures take place at the Northside Indoor Sports Centre in Zillmere, where the Wizards recently took steps to improve the game-day experience of fans by improving the audio provision on their main court.
The Wizards have been clients of Brisbane-based supplier Brisbane Sound Group (BSG) for more than twenty-five years, and consulted with the audio, visual and lighting specialists about the best way forward. With its vastly experienced sales, install and hire departments, BSG is a one-stop shop that can meet the audio needs of the widest possible range of settings. BSG Installation and Project Manager, Josiah Kerridge, took account of the venue and designed a system based on Optimal Audio commercial loudspeakers. He takes up the story:
“Following some discussion at games during 2023, the club asked us to propose a competitively priced system that would both enhance the game-day experience and be easy to operate. We’d recently been introduced to Optimal Audio by Audio Brands Australia and could see straight away that the Cuboid Series would be the perfect fit for what would be a fairly challenging brief.
“It’s quite a reverberant space with limited rigging positions at a height of around 10 metres above the court – we had to cover ground level seating as well as a single section of tiered seating. An average attendance for an NBL1 game in the court is more than a thousand fans. The Cuboid  loudspeakers fell within the budget, had the required SPL for the throw, and fitted the spec in terms of size and weight. Their multiple rigging points also allowed us plenty of flexibility.”

BSG installed a system comprising eight Cuboid 15 two-way full range passive 15” loudspeakers and two Sub 15 high-power sub-bass loudspeakers. The speakers fired outwards towards the seating areas around two centrally mounted subs. Josiah continues:

“Being such a reverberant space it was always going to be tricky to deploy a system that would be loud enough to be intelligible, but the Cuboid configuration did the job and the client is super happy. The system comfortably covers background music and game sound effects, while also delivering great clarity of speech over loud crowd noise.”

Northside Wizards’ CEO, Mark Wrobel, is also very pleased with the installation:

“The work that Brisbane Sound Group have completed with the sound upgrade at Northside Indoor Sports Centre has changed our lives. The ability to have crystal clear sound available at the touch of a button helps us provide a better environment for our members as well as enabling us to communicate clearly at domestic competitions and special events. The sound quality and clarity of speech provided by the Optimal Audio speakers is second to none and has made our venue a far more friendly space.”

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Optimal Audio Launches Party Series for KTV in China

UK manufacturer Optimal Audio has announced the launch of its Party Series of on-wall loudspeakers, designed specifically for the flourishing entertainment and KTV market – China’s favourite pastime.

With a professional appearance and comprising 10”12” and 15” full range, two-way passive loudspeakers, Party Series delivers rich and detailed sound and can be flexibly mounted for simple installation.

Premier KTV rooms demand superior sound with emphasis on warmth, clarity and smooth response, supporting the vocal presence required to elevate the karaoke experience. Each stylishly designed Party enclosure provides impressive bass and mid-band, with the clarity of vocal and high note projection essential for the discerning karaoke performer.

Significantly for some KTV rooms where space or restrictions preclude subwoofer support, Party Series loudspeakers are rear-ported, coupling their low-frequency output to walls or ceilings to produce enhanced bass output that can be felt without the need for additional subwoofers.

Optimal Audio’s Amp series is perfect amplifier partner for Party, delivering high SPL for many hours, whilst the internal crossover network technology protects the low and high frequency drivers, assuring a reliable and uninterrupted Karaoke experience.

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Optimal Audio New for Old House

UK: Located in Northampton, Old House bar and restaurant, a popular destination pub in the town for more than a decade, recently underwent a complete refurbishment. The venue comprises a ground-floor bar and spacious courtyard garden, where patrons can enjoy resident DJs, live performers and televised sport, whilst upstairs, its restaurant offers gastro-pub favourites in beautifully designed surroundings. To complement his investment in the Old House’s Timothy Oulton-designed interior, owner Sunny Kooner opted to upgrade its audio system to better meet the requirements of this multi-faceted venue.
Sunny contacted experienced AV specialist Cosmic Electronics of Harlow with a brief to design and supply a competitively-priced system that could deliver premium audio throughout the venue, whilst blending in with its carefully designed aesthetic. Cosmic recommended an Optimal Audio solution, as CEO Mark Damon explains:
“We were familiar with the venue as we’d installed its existing system more than ten years ago. There are some large spaces to cover, as well as a variety of uses. From background music in the dining areas to DJ sets and live sport in the downstairs areas, the venue was looking for warm, present, high quality audio throughout. We’ve carried out a number of recent installs with Optimal Audio products and been very impressed – this job was another very good fit for the brand.”

In the bar area, Cosmic installed twelve on-wall Cuboid 8 two-way, full-range, passive loudspeakers in combination with five discreetly positioned Sub 15 high-power, sub-bass loudspeakers. Twelve Cuboid 5 and three Sub 10 low-profile sub-bass loudspeakers took care of the orangery and private dining room, whilst the restaurant benefited from six Up 6 two-way, passive, full range ceiling speakers. A further six Up 6 units were installed in the WC areas.
Mark concludes:
“As well as sounding great, it was important that the loudspeakers were as stylish and discreet as possible so as not to intrude on the interior decor. The owner has a very keen eye for detail and was very impressed with the overall Optimal Audio package.”

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Optimal Audio Proves Good Fit for King’s Head

UK: The King’s Head is popular pub in the village of Bwlchgwyn, not far from Wrexham in North Wales. As well as serving high-quality food and drink, the pub stages a variety of events, ranging through karaoke, live performance, bingo, televised sport and quiz nights. Providing a valuable focus for the community, owners Eddie and Abbie always strive to deliver the best customer experience possible, and recently took the decision to upgrade the pub’s sound system, which they no longer considered fit for purpose.

Specialists Pivotal Sound & Lighting of Wrexham were engaged to design and supply a solution for The King’s Head. Pivotal cover every facet of audio for live events, hire and installation, and their vastly experienced team has a reputation for excellence across the region. Pivotal recommended an Optimal Audio system to meet the pub’s varied programme.

Darren Hughes, Director at Pivotal Sound & Lighting describes the brief:

“The existing system comprised a number of loudspeakers driven by a home cinema amplifier which was running as a single zone, including in the outside area. Given the range of events that the pub hosts, a zoned system was essential. This would allow for example, a ‘loud zone’ around the bar area, a ‘quieter zone’ in the snug, or perhaps keep the outside area audio-free during karaoke or DJ sets. They also wanted the facility to input audio from their TV screens.  Ultimately, it was about having better quality audio and better control.”

Pivotal have worked on many projects supplied by distributor Audio-Technica, and were aware of the Optimal Audio ecosystem. Darren immediately settled on the Zone 8 controller for the new system because of its flexibility, internal DSP, HDMI in/through (for the local TV input) and WebApp for easy operation on staff members’ phones. He continues:

“I chose the Optimal Audio Zone 8 controller straight away, but to be honest I’d looked at using another speaker brand we regularly use for this kind of job. As it turned out, there was an availability problem with those, so I went back to Audio-Technica and they suggested Optimal Audio speakers which came in right on budget. Now I’ve used them, they will definitely be my commercial install speaker of choice moving forward.”

For complete coverage of the pub, including its outside covered area, Pivotal installed two Cuboid 3, four Cuboid 5 and three Cuboid 8, two-way, full range loudspeakers (3”, 5” and 8” respectively) as well as a single Sub 10 low-profile sub-bass unit. A Zone 8 8-zone audio controller completed the picture, with the pub’s staff confident in its operation via smartphone and tablet.

Co-owner Eddie is pleased with the new system:

“The Optimal Audio system that we’ve had installed has been fantastic. It was really noticeable during the Christmas period when we had lots of different events going on. We’re extremely happy – the sound quality is unbelievable, and the install does Pivotal great credit.”

Darren concludes:

“The system sounds great and actually surpassed my expectations. Optimal Audio will definitely be my first thought when it comes to installations of this kind!”


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Cuboids delivering the vibe while guests enjoy cocktail at Jade Eatery & Sips

INDONESIA: In Badung, Indonesia, Jade Eatery & Sips, a modern Asian restaurant and cocktail lounge, has upgraded its ambiance with a new audio system installed by Sontastic.

Featuring Cuboid speakers known for their rich sound, the installation ensures smooth audio throughout the lounge. Now open to the public, Jade Lounge invites guests to enjoy fine dining and cocktails accompanied by seamless sound.

For a delightful dining experience with great music, visit Jade Eatery & Sips today!

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Optimal Audio Makes AVgek Debut at Brasserie de Greup

NETHERLANDS: Opened in September 2022, and located in the village of Mijnsheerenland to the south of Rotterdam, Brasserie de Greup is a beautifully designed hospitality venue offering high-quality food, drink, and entertainment. Whether it’s just for a visit to the bar, a delicious meal for two, or a party for hundreds, Brasserie de Greup, with its restaurant, recently renovated cafe and sun-drenched outdoor terrace, is a magnet for the discerning customer. Instrumental in the creation of its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is an Optimal Audio system, installed by AVgek of Rotterdam.

Vastly experienced installers AVgek specialise in commercial and domestic audio-visual projects, and consulted with the team at Brasserie de Greup over their requirements. The Brasserie wanted to provide background and foreground music reinforcement for the bar and restaurant areas, from a system that was as easy as possible for its staff to operate.

Bob Sol of AVgek comments:
“We have a great relationship with Audio Technica Benelux (Optimal Audio’s distributor in the region) and were aware that this new brand had attracted a very positive reaction. Having made an assessment of the venue’s needs, we felt that they aligned perfectly with what Optimal Audio could offer, so advised the Brasserie team accordingly. This was our first install with Optimal Audio, and we were blown away by the simplicity and ease of use for the installer and the user!”
Bob designed a system comprising four on-wall, landscape-mounted Optimal Audio Cuboid 8 two-way, full range, passive 8” loudspeakers and a single Sub 15 subwoofer, controlled by a Zone 4 controller via WebApp. WebApp makes system set-up straightforward – once completed, venue staff are presented with a simple user interface which allows for easy operation via mobile phone. At Brasserie de Greup, the system is configured with presets for background and foreground music choices. The former sees the system preset without the Sub 15 and with the Cuboid 8s acting as full-range units, while the latter deploys the subwoofer with the low frequency removed from the Cuboid 8.
The system lives up to every expectation according to Bob:
“The client is really happy with the sound and the simplicity of WebApp, and has indicated that they will soon be looking to replace old systems in the four other areas of the venue with Optimal Audio. The system in the Brasserie sounds really great with both presets – since this first outing with Optimal Audio, we’ve offered it to a number of clients and already seen a big uptake. It’s proving very popular indeed.”

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Optimal Audio Transforms Sarai Restaurant’s Ambiance

In November 2022, Sarai Restaurant debuted at Singapore’s Tanglin Mall with an Optimal Audio installation by XC Lighting Pte Ltd.

The foundation of this setup was the Zone 4 controller, dispersing sound across distinct zones like the lobby and private dining areas. Up 6 ceiling speakers delivered consistent, full sound, while Sub 10 subwoofers added depth without occupying much space.

These choices were aimed at ensuring top-quality sound in various zones, including private dining areas. The objective was clear: crafting a balanced, premium audio atmosphere to enrich the dining experience at Sarai from its very start.

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Optimal Audio powers HUSH (INS) bar in Shanghai’s Xintiandi

Optimal Audio debuts HUSH (INS) bar in Shanghai’s Xintiandi, offering a haven of tranquility with superior sound technology. Optimal Audio’s Cuboid loudspeakers were the speaker of choice for the new venue.

HUSH (INS) bar isn’t just about superior sound equipment—it’s a musical sanctuary. Featuring regular performances by both local and international DJs and musicians, the bar offers a rich tapestry of music styles and performances, inviting guests to lose themselves in the beats. The bar takes pride in creating a comfortable music environment, with its stylish decor and carefully engineered sound waves ensuring an immersive listening experience, whether you choose to unwind by the dance floor or settle near the bar.

HUSH (INS) bar distinguishes itself not just through its superior sound equipment but as a destination celebrating music’s richness. Regular performances promise a diverse tapestry of beats, inviting patrons to lose themselves in the rhythm and ambiance of the space.

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Optimal Audio Cuboid Range Sounds Sweet at Georgia Browns

Richer Sounds Custom Install team designs and supplies Optimal Audio system for install by Hi-Tech AV Ltd at Greater Manchester venue.

Georgia Browns in the town of Hindley, Greater Manchester is a destination sports and entertainment venue. Recently re-furbished and re-launched, and featuring a large media wall, the venue also hosts multiple additional screens showing a wide range of sports, as well as staging live bands, DJ sets and karaoke. The team at Georgia Brown gave careful consideration to its technical needs, and having invested in its media wall through Richer Sounds, consulted with the company’s Custom Installation design team over the best way forward for its audio requirements.

Richer Sounds recommended an Optimal Audio system to deliver the venue’s requirement for background and party level music. Custom Installation Manager Tim Smith and his team designed the system in conjunction with the venue, and engaged experienced subcontractor James Mahon of Hi-Tech AV Ltd to install the system. Tim felt that for a large space like Georgia Browns, an Optimal Audio solution would reliably provide the necessary quality at high SPL to meet the all-round challenge. The install was James Mahon’s first experience of the brand:

“Right out of the box, you could tell they were going to be good. The build quality looked superb and the speakers duly delivered sound to match.”

Two Cuboid 15 and two Cuboid 10 passive on-wall loudspeakers were installed in the demanding areas of the room close to the stage, with a further eight Cuboid 8 units taking care of the rest of the space. A single Sub 15 and a pair of Sub 10 units were discreetly located beneath seating areas to deliver the low end. The system is driven by three SmartAmp 30 amplifiers with integral DSP.

Speaking on behalf of the Richer Sounds Custom Installation design team, Tim Smith comments:
“The system performs wonderfully, providing a balanced audio performance for different volume levels. There’s no doubt that the quality and performance of Optimal Audio’s product range is excellent –  the client is very happy with the outcome, which was achieved for a very competitive outlay.”
James Mahon concludes:
“I’ve had a great deal of experience installing AV solutions for large pub chains and having heard the results here, I’ll definitely be recommending and installing Optimal Audio again. I’ve already recommended them to a previous employer who handles a large volume of commercial audio installs across a wide spectrum of applications. As soon as the system was up and running at Georgia Browns, the customer was blown away!”

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Optimal Audio Ahoy at Pirate Kindergarten

The Pirate Kindergarten in the German city of Bergisch Gladbach places a strong emphasis on the part played by music in children’s development. Music is a constant theme during activities at the day care centre and when the Kindergarten’s team agreed that its ageing sound system could no longer meet their ambitions, they engaged audio experts Starpoint to supply a replacement. As well as delivering high quality audio throughout the Kindergarten, the new system needed to be easy to install and operate.

Bastian Sauer of Starpoint recommended an Optimal Audio solution:

“We listened to all the requirements and quickly concluded that Optimal Audio offered the best solution for this application. Working with the customer we specified the system and assisted them with programming the Zone unit, leaving them to carry out the installation work themselves without any problems.”

The system at The Pirate Kindergarten consists of ten Optimal Audio Cuboid 5 loudspeakers and a Zone 8P controller. Cuboid 5 is a discreet high performance two-way, full range, passive 5” on-wall loudspeaker which has portrait or landscape mounting options. Zone 8P is a zonal audio controller with DSP, amplification and WebApp. This single compact unit is the beating heart of an efficient multi-zoned system, and allows users to independently allocate sources across up to 8 configurable zones within a venue. Each zone can be configured to do precisely what is required by the use of the intuitive WebApp. Installation and operation is thus straightforward and highly cost-effective. The Kindergarten system comprises 4 zones controlled from 2 different rooms.

“The Zone 8P with its integrated 8-channel amplifier delivers more than enough power for the entire system and the Cuboid loudspeakers can also be used for outdoor applications by means of optional terminal covers for the connections on the back which render them IP-54 compliant. Optimal Audio thus safely and effortlessly delivers perfect sound throughout the facility.”
According to Bettina Omer, head of the day care centre, the new system has proved to be a huge success for children and caregivers alike. Whether for day to day use or special events like children’s theatre, carnival, summer or Christmas parties, the system’s versatility and flexibility combined with its ease of operation makes it an outstanding solution:
“We like to listen to a lot of music and encourage the children to sing along and move. They’re always very happy when we sing and dance together. Unfortunately, our old system was very limiting in this respect, so we’re really happy that our support association has installed the new Optimal Audio solution, which sounds fantastic.”
Alex Barrand, EMEA Sales Manager at Optimal Audio adds:
“Whether for kindergarten, shop, house of worship, bar or restaurant, the award-winning Optimal Audio portfolio enables the delivery of flexible, high quality solutions across a wide spectrum of application. A focus on intuitive installation and operation is finding favour with customers across the world who are inspired by our commitment to challenge the traditional, often unnecessarily complex world of commercial audio, and deliver systems that can be operated by anyone – not just engineers.”