Optimal Audio powers HUSH (INS) bar in Shanghai’s Xintiandi

Optimal Audio debuts HUSH (INS) bar in Shanghai’s Xintiandi, offering a haven of tranquility with superior sound technology. Optimal Audio’s Cuboid loudspeakers were the speaker of choice for the new venue.

HUSH (INS) bar isn’t just about superior sound equipment—it’s a musical sanctuary. Featuring regular performances by both local and international DJs and musicians, the bar offers a rich tapestry of music styles and performances, inviting guests to lose themselves in the beats. The bar takes pride in creating a comfortable music environment, with its stylish decor and carefully engineered sound waves ensuring an immersive listening experience, whether you choose to unwind by the dance floor or settle near the bar.

HUSH (INS) bar distinguishes itself not just through its superior sound equipment but as a destination celebrating music’s richness. Regular performances promise a diverse tapestry of beats, inviting patrons to lose themselves in the rhythm and ambiance of the space.

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