Martin Audio’s WPC Takes Center Stage at Westin, Mumbai

ICICI Foundation Day Triumphs with Salman Ali Hosted by Global Production Services!

INDIA: We’re thrilled to share the success of the ICICI Foundation Day, held at the prestigious Westin, Powai. This event was not just a celebration but a sonic experience, thanks to the powerful Martin Audio WPC system and the mesmerizing performance by artist Salman Ali.

Featuring fourteen of Martin Audio Ltd’s WPC Bi-amp Three-way Line Arrays, and ten SXH218 Passive Hybrid®️ Horn/Reflex Subwoofers, the audio quality perfectly complemented Salman’s dynamic vocals.

At the heart of the system, the iK 42 Four-channel Power Amplifier, ensured flawless sound throughout the event. Our appreciation goes out to Saurabh Ayare, Director of Global Production Service, and System Engineer Gautam Sarkar for their expertise in creating an unforgettable auditory experience and for using Martin Audio WPC.

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