Located in Lujiang, within China’s Anhui Province, the Shishi Zen Temple serves as a place of worship and to enhance both the vocal and musical experience, the Zen Temple made the decision to embrace cutting-edge audio technology. After conducting thorough research, they opted for the Martin Audio active MLA Mini array, complemented by Martin Audio’s renowned CDD series, as the basis for their new PA system.

The choice of the MLA Mini was based on its exceptional sound quality and its ability to optimise coverage, consistency and control of sound for a room’s own acoustics, dynamics and the position of the listeners. This was particularly crucial as it ensured that both those near the Buddha statue at the heart of the Zen Temple and those worshiping at a distance could enjoy the same high-quality music and Dharma teachings.

The CDD series serves as an auxiliary system, guaranteeing consistent sound coverage throughout the venue and delivering an enhanced listening experience to the audience. This ensures that every nuance of the music is conveyed with crystal clarity. Additionally, the CDD’s versatility in installation allows it to seamlessly adapt to different settings, maintaining audio quality and reliability.

The Zen Temple demonstrated a deep respect for the unique characteristics of their environment during the sound system installation. Despite the temple’s spacious layout and towering architecture, the Martin Audio system was meticulously modelled and tuned to deliver outstanding audio performance for various events, be it a grand Buddhist ceremony or an intimate concert. This enables the temple’s devotees to focus on their meditation and practice, while also providing visiting guests with the gift of beautiful music.

This unparalleled auditory experience has elevated the quality of Buddhist music and temple rituals to a new level. The Zen Temple remains committed to continually enhancing religious rituals and musical performances, fostering a more tranquil and spiritually enriching environment for all believers in the future.

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