Power Amplifier Setup For Small Venues | Using Hi-Z & Low-Z

Power Amplifier Setup For Small Venues: Using Hi-Z & Lo-Z​

The CONNECTSERIES amplifiers offer Low-Z, Hi-Z 70V, and Hi-Z 100V operation individually selectable per channel.  This comes in very handy in a wide variety of applications as it allows for the most flexibility in powering speaker systems with fewer amplifier models needed. Let’s take a look at some power amplifier setups using a small sports bar as an example:

All Low-Z

In this diagram all channels are set to Low-Z.  Each channel can have a different amount of speakers and can drive different impedance loads on every channel.  When determining what amp to power the speakers with, it is important to look at the AES or continuous rating of the loudspeaker.  Typically 1.5 to 2 times this power rating will allow for the full output potential of the speaker to be reached with program material but always check with the speaker manufacturer for recommended amplifier power.

All Hi-Z 70V/100V

Here, all channels are set to Hi-Z.  Transformer tap settings are listed below the speaker diagrams with totals from all speakers connected to that channel.  It is good practice to keep 20% headroom with regards to power, to allow for full output potential of the speaker.  With 160W available per channel, maintaining 20% headroom would mean the sum total of all loudspeakers on that channel shouldn’t exceed 128W.

Mixed Low-Z and Hi-Z 70V/100V

This shows the full potential of the amplifier being able to drive each channel as desired with a mix of Low-Z and Hi-Z speakers on the same amplifier.  In addition to this, Channel 2 has subwoofers on it which may require more power than the speakers on the other channels.  Smart Power Bridge is enabled on this channel which doubles the power from 350W to 700W on this channel.  Now a higher power amplifier isn’t required just for the subwoofers, they are properly powered on the same amplifier as the rest of the speakers.

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