MY: Based in the Malaysian state of Selangor, full-service provider Psychoacoustic Productions recently invested in a Martin Audio BlacklineX Powered loudspeaker system, comprising 16 XP12, eight XP15 and six XP118 subs.

Founded in 2006 by Haary Roshaahn Yograi, under the original name of Pyschoacoustics Sound & Lights the company has grown steadily from humble beginnings.

Stated the owner, “We were comparing several active point source systems in a similar price range, and among all that we tested, Martin Audio really stood out in terms of delivering a sweeter sound—particularly on the higher frequencies. It was the system that best suited our indoor venues.”

The portable BlacklineX Powered series integrates Martin Audio’s renowned engineering expertise into an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, high-powered solution for a range of professional applications, ranging from use by musicians and mobile DJ’s, to corporate AV, House of Worship installations and all types of music venue.

With optional Bluetooth control, streaming and a built-in three channel mixer, BlacklineX Powered was a logical move for the company. The equipment was supplied by Kuala Lumpur dealer, Wavefront Culture.

As they enter their second year of distributing the brand, managing director, Ahmad Syafiqbin Yaacob says that although Martin Audio was already well established in the AV market, with its rapidly increasing portfolio it has required an extended push to make the client base fully aware of its solutions. He confirmed that while Psychoacoustic Productions already knew about the brand, they had never previously listened to the product, adding that in comparative testing they preferredthe XP12 and XP118.

He says that as a result, Mr. Roshaahn is now keen to audition the TORUS series.

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